My road bike is out of action again...

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My road bike is out of action again...

Notapor Synchronicity » Jue Feb 07, 2008 3:47 pm

I was planning on riding to Garachico today....

I headed out the door and coasted down the road to La Orotava braking most of the way, noticed that the braking was getting pretty grabby. It progressively got worse until fork was violent shuddering upon braking. :bitch:

I promptly stopped to figure out what the hell was going on as I thought the culprit might have been my vertebrae ceramic brake lines...

And after re aligning the front brake pads, the next thing I checked was that the front spinergy wheel was still true. As suspected, the rim looked out of shape, catching the brake on every revolution of the wheel. I thought that was strange as those PBO spokes are very strong indeed and I didn't hit any pothole on the way down.

Feeling rather smug as I had remembered to bring spinergies dedicated spoke nipple tool, I soon noticed that the bulge was in both sides of the alloy rim... :(

Admittedly, before I left I inflated the tyres a little high to about 130psi.
I'm not sure if these wheels are still under warranty. :-x

Now I'm thinking of getting a normal training wheelset made up with DT hubs, revolution spokes & mavic open pro 650c rim. I think it's probably the way to go as far as reliability is concerned.

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