Links to sailing + boat charter companies in Tenerife:

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Links to sailing + boat charter companies in Tenerife:

Notapor Synchronicity » Dom Feb 10, 2008 12:07 am

I've done several searches, so these links are all over the place, some will
be more help than others.

Firstly, here's the best list of boat clubs & marinas all around Tenerife: (the biggest marina is
in Santa Cruz I think)

This looks like the official maritime site:

Obviously it would be better to seek out private individuals who are
interested in helping you out by volunteering... The trouble with mags,
clubs etc is that they're probably all in spanish (which I can speak by the

Some local yacht clubs: (Real Nautic club de Tenerife)

I couldn't find any LOCAL sailing forums... or sailing mags... I think the
Canarias are too small... but I did find more general links which will cover
the area-

So here are a few good spanish sailing links: (they have a forum + info about sailing in
spain/canaries) (a more active forum involving all types of
boating, sailing, fishing, sports, scuba, etc)

Here's a bunch of links to mostly *english* commercial sailing boat
companies: (this one has organised stuff for rowing
charities as recently as Nov '07) (a local spanish business) (another local spanish/english charter business)

and finally a list of boat charters in Tenerife: ... fe-44.html (they
do have a free boat sharing section if you look) | Pro Road and MTB Hire in Tenerife | Advanced alumina ceramic gear lines
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