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Notapor rrooster » Lun Sep 08, 2008 10:51 pm

Is it possible to ride most mountain roads on a 39x16 single speed cyclo cross bike? I think I would perfer to take my single speed which easier to transport than my road bike.

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Recommended gearing for riding in Tenerife.

Notapor Synchronicity » Mar Sep 09, 2008 5:35 pm

With that gearing, I don't think so. Too difficult. You'll do yourself an injury in no time. :grandpa:

I previously built a single speed road bike... probably the only one in Tenerife! Have a look at this link!

That SS bike was running a 34 x 16T with 650c wheels. I'd climb up to 500-600m of altitude and quit. Definitely not recommended for hill training... that's equivalent to a 56" gear progression. You've got 66" (assuming 700c wheels).

I think last years' iliotibial band injury was partly caused by riding the singlespeed bike (but to tell you the truth, I was also forced to do a few guided rides running 39/53 chainrings on a 11-21 cassette as there were no spares left). :bruised: I've since dismantled the bike & I'll be building up a triathlon bike instead (which will be available to hire).

Provided you're fit, you'd be better off with a minimum gear of 34 x 23 or 39 x 25T, but then you won't be able to pedal downhill... Most of my rental bikes come with 30/39/53 triples + 12-25 cassettes. I equip them that way for a reason. A couple of bikes even have the triple with a 12-27 cassette!
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