2 month training camp in Tenerife

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2 month training camp in Tenerife

Notapor DarkWing » Dom Dic 13, 2009 7:43 pm


We're two elite cyclists who are looking for a place to hold a 2 month training camp from 1.Feb until the end of march.

We've been looking at a couple of different locations, Lucca in Italy, Benidorm Spain, Valencia Spain and finally Tenerife Spain.

The great thing about Tenerife, from looking at google earth, is the numerous big climbs, and of course the weather. The bad thing about Tenerife is the somewhat small island, and the lack of flat/hilly terrain.
My question is, wheter it's possible to take a ride without riding on big roads and without riding in the mountains?
Also, is the island big enough to support 2 months of training (it's not uncommon that we do 200km rides).

We're also looking for a place to stay if we choose Tenerife - the other locations I mentioned we were offered apartments/Villas at 500€ pr month with 2 bedrooms and kitchen (and everything else). Is this possible in Tenerife? Any recommendations on where to stay and where to look for long term rentals would be appreciated as well...

Thanks alot.
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