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10 essential things you should know about Spain:


  1. No one gives any christmas presents on christmas day… and father christmas doesn’t climb down any chimneys either. They receive their presents on the morning of the “día de los reyes magos” (day of the magic kings) on the 6th of janaury.
  2. Smurfs aren’t called smurfs, they’re called “pitufos”.
  3. Don’t ever criticise either whole olives or olive oil in the presence of a spaniard or you’ll be attacked (verbally but vehemently). It is commonly said that while Spain isn’t a rich country, at least they have “liquid gold”. The same goes for parsley, which is consumed in disproportionate quantites to the rest of the world.
  4. A bread roll is almost never cut with a knife.
  5. Going barefoot inside the house is frowned upon.
  6.  Swearing in Spanish is practically a mandatory custom (see #7).
  7. Two popular spanish sitcoms are Aida and Aqui no Hay Quien Viva.
  8. You greet women with one, or better, two kisses on the cheeks! Never a handshake.
  9. There are more spanish fiestas than there are verb conjugations. Learn to live with it.
  10. The proudest spanish invention is either the ingenious bucket with mop-squeezer device, or the humble chupa-chup, depending on who you talk to.

(I realise that’s not all- I’ll let you fill in the rest)

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  1. te odio mi amor

    Your Chiqui

  2. Nice post – and nice site. Discovered you through Tenerife Times. Care to swap links?
    Joe Cawley
    Author of More Ketchup than Salsa: Confessions of a Tenerife Barman (Summersdale)

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