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16 reasons to hire a bicycle instead of bringing your own bike next cycling holiday vacations:

Hire a bike next time you come to Tenerife instead of bringing your own and help reduce your carbon footprint!

I’m sure you can think of a few reasons not to hire a rental bike in Tenerife, but here are 16 legimate reasons you should:

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint!! Assuming you take an extra 15kg of bicycle equipment (bike + case) as checked-on luggage, you’ll save between 100~200kg of CO2 emissions for a typical return journey (LGW – TFS is 5800km). To emphasise how much greenhouse gas this represents, 100kg of CO2 gas occupies 50,930 litres at standard atmospheric pressure!! My calculation is based from various sources, statistics and news sources. 
  2. We have all sizes available, and can offer a custom fit service.  
  3. Our bikes are very well maintained, and also provide low-range gearing suited to mountainous terrain. 
  4. Save € by not paying any excess baggage fees for the additional weight of your sporting equipment!
  5. Save $ by not having to buy a dedicated bike case!
  6. It’s obvioulsy more convenient to travel around without a loaded bulky bike case plus all that cycling equipment.
  7. There’s no risk of being refused check-in at the airport through carrying too much luggage.
  8. There’s also zero risk of airport ground-crew damaging your own bike during transport if you leave it at home.
  9. Neither do you need to worry about someone stealing your own highly-prized expensive wonderbike while on holiday!  
  10. There’s no need to spend ages packing your own bike, hence more time to ride on the first and last day!
  11. Should anything go wrong with one of our bikes, we obviously provide free servicing, free spare parts and/or a replacement bike!
  12. We offer a refund for each day that you aren’t able to ride due to mechanical failure.
  13. There’s no need to clean the bike afterwards. Let us worry about it!
  14. Your own super-light weight bike may not actually be as reliable as one of ours.
  15. Make it seem more like a “family holiday” & gain bonus points with your spouse!
  16. Help support our green eco-friendly business and the local economy.

3 Responses to “16 reasons to hire a bicycle instead of bringing your own bike next cycling holiday vacations:”

  1. I like your blog, which caught my attention due to the fact that you have been awarded the blog of the day. However I start to get more and more annoyed by people using global warming as a marketing and sales strategy.
    In our country we had the coldest summer in years.
    Please keep on going strong with your blog, but cut the global warming bs.

  2. So you’re of the opinion that our transformation of the entire world into urban zones in no way affects it’s climate? May I remind you that that our atmosphere is only a few hundred kilometres thick… you’re saying that we can eventually urbanise the entire face of the planet Earth, spew out as many gases as we want, and in no way will it damage the thin halo of gases that protects us from the Sun?

    Sorry for the harsh words, but people that fucking stupid deserve to be extinct! I think you should go and read up about the atmospheres of Mars & Venus before you speak again…

    Global Warming is not BS actually. Do you know how much the sea level has already risen in the last century?? Things like that are measurable, quantifiable. They’ve already been done. Now If you want to judge the state of the entire world and its future by your own personal experience about this year’s summer in your own neck of the words, you’re fully entitled to. But then I’m also entitled to call you label you ignorant.

    The truth is, if people want to come here for a cycling holiday, the additional jet fuel burnt by transporting their own body weight will already contribute to their carbon footprint. No one is going to save the environment by flying here instead of staying at home. But if they hire a bike instead of bringing their own, YES THEY CAN REDUCE CO² EMISSIONS!! The point is, I think the exact figure in litres of CO² is much more than people realise. It’s something they might not have considered.

    Or perhaps in reality I scared you with my calculation of the volume of CO² produced in litres from something seemingly so insignificant???

    If you want to bury your head in the sand, fine. But don’t ever tell me what to write on MY OWN blog. Start your own “global warming is bs” blog. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of supporters who want to justify their larger-than-average carbon footprint.

    To put it into perspective, with my fleet of rental bikes, has prevented ~2.5 MEGALITRES of CO² from entering the atmosphere to date. I think that that is a significant point, hence why I changed it from 10th place to 1st place on the list. As always I stand by my commitment to the environment.

    Dr. Leslie Brown.

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