Tenerife Bike Hire pdf pamphlets now available to download, print & distribute!

Rennrad Verleih Teneriffa Fahrrad Miete Radvermietung

As you may be aware here at Tenerife-Training, we provide this free cycling information website as part of our Road Bike Rental Service in Tenerife. If you would like to do us a HUGE favour, please feel free to download, print & distribute the following pdf bike hire information pamphlets.

Suggested distribution places include: your local Bike Training Clubs, Official Cycling Organisations, Local Bike Shops. (for residents of Tenerife: Tourist Information Offices in the South of Tenerife, Apartments in Tenerife, Rural Casas & Fincas in Tenerife)

These are best printed on a laser printer, with coloured paper. Because I’m very fussy, I prefer to use complimentary colours which have a similar tone (for example bright red for one language and bright green for another, or else blue/orange). This is because most people are sick at the mere sight of plain white and pale-coloured paper.

NOTE: Please don’t print the image out directly though, because the print quality will be completely crap; print the pdf files linked above instead.

I also have a more detailed foldable A4 brochure available which provides more information about training & cyclo-touring in Tenerife… I’ll upload that when I have time.

TF-21 Road to Las Cañadas and Mt Teide Cut due to fire; Carreteras Cortados en Tenerife por Fuego!

Roads leading into Las Cañadas National Park have been cut due to the inherent fire risk. You can only ride up TF-21 until kilometre 15, after which, I’m told access is restricted to emergency vehicles… So far 4200 homes have been evacuated and more than 7000 hectares of forrest land have burned. The fires were intentionally lit. :-(

Win a FREE Thomson X2 Stem & Seatpost Competition!! Where’s Waldo’s negatives?


Be in the running to win a matching FREE Thomson X2 Stem & Seatpost!!


All you need to look at the “filmstrip” image shown below, then visit www.Tenerife-Training.net, find out which of the THREE ROADS pictured are NOT pictured anywhere on that website…


Then simply e-mail your answers to cycling@tenerife-training.net, along with your name & postal adress.

Entries will be drawn at Random on the 15th of September 2007. The first correct entrant wins!

(yes, worldwide postage is included free of charge!)

Stem is 120mm x 1 1/8″

Seatpost is 31.6mm x 410mm long.

The revamped Tenerife-Training site finally unveiled with extra features!

Hello keen cyclists,

It’s taken me the best part of last week to update the existing Tenerife Training website. Its mean new feature is the Navigation menu bar, making it easier to access the cycling info & other Tenerife tourism information. As you can see, I’ve also added this new Tenerife Blog Page which will be updated regularly. I’ve added a New Cycling Tenerife Forum (which will no doubt take ages to get established) and there’s now the option of booking the rental bikes online.

 I still have several things to sort out later this week (update the site map and install a guestbook). NOTE: The guestbook is there now, the comments are recorded, they’re just not visible yet. In the meantime, if you notice any bugs in the new site, such as broken links / discontinuous format, etc, please do me a favour and let me know!

I’m also busy preparing an online survey and the first Tenerife-Training newsletter will also be ready soon.

One last thing: once you enter the new directory structure of the site, and the “update bookmarks reminder” disappears, please don’t forget to update your bookmarks!!

Leslie Turns 30! Will Celebrate birthday with a Strong Curry in a Hindu Restaurant in Tenerife… A first-time curry experience for some!!


The 31st of July is my 30th birthday. If all goes well, that will coincide with the launch of the new website format. To celebrate, we’re going to a Hindu restaurant in El Puerto de la Cruz with some good Canarian friends of ours.  That should be interesting because most local people living in the Canary Islands are not accustomed to such hot food! hehehe. My girlfriend is already hooked on Thai food. The first time she had tried a curry was at 27 years of age I believe; it was a pretty mild version, but you could actually see her lips glowing red hot. :-)

UPDATE: 05/08/07. A total of six of us went out (5 were local friends from Tenerife) & we had a great fun night. We ordered and sampled lots of familiar dishes that appeared on the menu: pappadams, chicken tikka & samosa entrées, chicken korma, butter chicken, a delicous do-piaza lamb curry and of course naan bread and perfectly cooked basmati rice. The waiter also suggested a prawn dish (jalfrezi?), but that only served to ruin the other meat flavours.

Chiqui (now 29) was the only one besides myself who had previously tried Hindu food! The rest of them were 30+ years old and it was their first Indian Curry food experience! I’m pretty sure two of them has never even tasted any sort of curry in their entire lives. Is that strange, or what? I warned them [Read more →]

Expect the First Newsletter Next Week!

I’m busy behind the scenes updating & recoding the website, adding new pages such as this weblog page. I’ve got people working on translating the site into Spanish & German, and there’s a lot of information to get through. There’ll also be a new forum dedicated to the local cyclists coming soon (in spanish though).

I’m also preparing an online survey, where you can be in the running to win stuff (I’m just deciding what!) as well as researching other marketing and publicity avenues. All this reorganisation & newfound motivation means I’m now working between 12-16 hours a day. Those videos will have to wait a few more weeks!