Cuanto cuesta alquilar una bicicleta en Tenerife?

Les agradecería me dijeran que me va a costar alquilar una bicicleta de carretera para siete días en que voy a estar aquí en Tenerife y poder subir al Teide ,ya que así no tendría que trasladar la mía desde Barcelona.

He subido tres veces el Pico de las Nieves y necesitaría una bici con tres platos .Estoy Federado y tengo carnet de Cicloturista.Agradecido de antemano les saluda .


Sí, tenemos bicis de carretera en todas las medidas y con triple platos. El precio por un día roda 20 Euros (son un poco más barato para los españoles) y son de ALTA calidad. Tendría que saber el seguiente:

¿Que es su medida de cuadro y su estatura?
¿Quando piensa venir?
¿Donde quedara usted? ¿en El Puerto?

Muchísimias Gracias,

¿Es posible alquilar una de sus bicicletas Merida, para un día?

Buenos días. Soy un chico que va a pasar un par de días en Puerto de la Cruz, en el hotel Florida. Me gustaría saber si es posible alquilar una de sus bicicletas Merida, para un día. Si hubiese disponibilidad me gustaría alquilarla para el 7 o 8 de Diciembre. Por otra parte me gustaría saber el precio del alquiler de la bicicleta, y el precio del transporte al hotel, si fuese posible. Mi estatura es de 1.78 metros y mi teléfono de contacto el XXX XX-XXXX. Un cordial saludo.

P.D: Para esas fechas es posible subir el Teide en bicicleta o el viento lo haze muy dificultoso?

Hola, buenos días,

Si es posible subir al Teide en solo un día. El viento no es nada fuerte en el Norte. Es decir, no hay viento en El Norte. Hace viento en pocos lugares, por ejemplo: Arico, Punta de Teno y Teno Alto. El desnivel es unos 2300m en ~35km!

El Precio por un solo día es entre €25 y 30. Ese precio incluye transporte al hotel Florida. Alomejor las Merida en tu medida no estará disponible, pero tenemos otras bicis buenas para su estatura.

Por solo €30, viene con todo (casco, pedales y zapatillas)


Me permiten obtener los videos de entrenamiento?


Mi nombre es Dionel, Soy de Argentina y quede asombrado por los videos que tienen en su pagina web.

Yo trabajo en un Gimnasio y tengo muchas ganas de pasar esas filmaciones en las clases de indoor para incentivar más la actividad del ciclismo.

Les estaria muy agredacido si me permiten obtener las filmaciones o alguna de ellas.

Muchas gracias y saludos.

Pues muchas gracias Dionel…
Todavía estoy aprendiendo el español, lo siento por los errores:

¿Cual es el video que más te gusta?

Por supuesto puedes usar mis grabacciones. ¡Qualquier para el ciclismo! Solamente te pido una cosita: no cambies nada de los videos y deja mi direccion de mi pagina web en el video, por favor.

Ahora mismo los videos no se pueden descargar porque no están en el servidor- pero si tengo los archivos en formato mpeg en mi disco duro. Normalmente tendrías que esparar un monton de tiempo para descargarlos… especialmente si no tienes banda ancha.

He estado en Buenos Aires en 2005. Me encantó el lugar, especialmente La Avenida Sante Fé. Desafortunadamente, no pude hablar casi nada de español mientres yo estaba allá.


Can you please include more rides in the South?

I have just returned from a sunshine holiday in the south of the island and as a keen cyclist saw the potential for cycling especially in autumn winter and spring.

I would be grateful for any information you can supply me with this in mind.

I look forward to hearing from you

Glad to see you’re interested in a cycling vacation in Tenerife. Feel free to peruse the main website for further information about cycling in Tenerife including ride descriptions. You’ll probably notice there is a heavy bias on rides in the North of Tenerife. There’s two or 3 reasons for that:

1) North = more scenic (ALL the photos & videos were taken in what’s considered the North of Tenerife)
2) Road quality is generally better in the North than in the South.
3) We are based in the North so I don’t have much time to go riding in the South.

I’d love to explore the South further, but I just haven’t had time. Creating an online business is super time-consuming. In an attempt to get over this obvious bias, I’ve recently initiated a cycling in Tenerife forum. It’s a place where you can post questions, photos, ride descriptions, ask questions, contact other riders, etc. For now, it’s not very active, but still, if you like, I can register you + set the board language to English? Otherwise you’d need to know spanish in order to register…

Also remember to use the search function. I have previously written one article on rides departing from Los Cristianos…

Night life in Santa Cruz & La Laguna, Tenerife.

Dear Leslie:

Thank you very, very much for your help.

I was wondering whether we would be better off staying in Santa Cruz de Tenerife since we will have a car to get us out of the city and to any of the rides we would be taking. Would the variety of choices for night life and restaurants etc. be worth the hassle of staying in the city ?

We were also thinking of going to Gran Caneria and possibly La Gomera and maybe even La Palma. Do you have any opinions regarding the bicycling and/or nightlife on those islands ? If so we’d really appreciate the benefit of anything you are able to share with us.

Depending upon the baggage allowances and the cost of excess we may opt for not bringing our bikes and instead just bring our saddles, pedals, shoes and aero bars and rent from you. I am in the process of trying to find out the various weight allowance of the various airlines and charges for excess.

If we were there between 23 February and 23 March would you have a 58cm frame available for me and a 53 cm frame available for my wife both in a road configuration ?

Thanks again for all of your help.


Great to hear from you again,

Truth be told, I haven’t really fully explored the night life of Santa Cruz. I think if you don’t speak Spanish you might find it a bit awkward outside the main centres with the language difficulty (but that could also be part of the fun!). Firstly, don’t miss Calle Castillo and Avenida 3 de Mayo for shopping in central Santa Cruz. There are quite a few [expensive] places to eat along the sea front between Plaza España and La Rambla. You should also check out the trendy area they call “la Noria” (located towards the lower end of calle Ramon y Cajal).

Regarding cycling, I’ve actually been meaning to include a new ride for cyclists in Santa Cruz on the main website. Santa Cruz has a nice coastal route which is popular among local cyclists since it is totally flat. It’d also be nice to ride along the central part of La Rambla…

The old town of La Laguna is probably a better bet if you’re into Culture + Architecture, etc… although it’s all too easy to get lost walking/cycling around there. The main shopping zone (at least for window shopping) are the two parallel pedestrian-only streets Calle Herradores and Calle Obispo Rey Redondo. If you’re looking for some real night life action, look no further than “El Cuadrilátero” in La Laguna. Right next door to the local University, the density of discos/bars around here is just about higher than anywhere else in the world. Think crazy, young Spanish uni students with absolutely no sense of tomorrow… there’s no such thing as “too late” around the cuadrilátero. It peaks during the summer months just after (and even slightly before) the exam period!

I can’t comment on the life in La Gomera as I’ve only been there (twice) during the day; it looks like an excellent blace for biking though. I haven’t been to La Palma yet, but it’s far less touristy that the other islands. Also fantastic for cycling I imagine – but be warned that the roads are said to be a lot steeper than Tenerife.

I’m not sure why you are so keen to stay in the capital city… Puerto de la Cruz has more restaurants than anywhere in the North which are open until relatively late. Well after 12pm into the night… in fact they’re probably more likely to shut everything sooner in La Laguna & Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is more spread out, and, well, uglier in my opinion. For that reason I find it a bit depressing sometimes, so I tend to stay away. Theft of bikes is also more of a problem in the cities.

I can definitely provide some suitable road bikes then; please send me your heights (or else further frame measurements, eg top tube length) for a better size match. How long where you thinking of hiring the bikes for? I can provide cheaper rates for extended bike rentals…

Hope to hear from you soon,
Best wishes for the new year!

Road biking on Tenerife for Veterans.

Dear Dr. Brown:

My wife (57 yeas old) and I (62 years old) are considering a trip to the Canary Islands during the last two weeks of February and the first two weeks of March.

We are both avid cyclists and have ridden in many places all over the world and were planning on bring our bikes. We have older Italian Steel Frame bikes that we have modified by adding a Campy racing triple setup and a range of 50-40-30, in the front chainring and the rear cogset has a 25 on the largest cog. The bikes are further modified with an S & S coupling so that they fit into a suitcase that meets airline regulations. and which will fit into the boot of a car.

We have enjoyed reading your website and blogs about cycling in Tenerife and are a bit concerned as to whether we are actually up to the measure of the riding you have described. We were planning on renting a car and were hoping that there were places on Tenerife to which we could drive and than ride some distance without having to climb in excess of two thousand meters on each ride. We consider a cumulative climb of two thousand meters spread out over the duration of a ride as something enjoyable.

To read some of the blogs of some of the riders who have ridden the various rides sounds like it would be a bit more like punishment for us since neither of us are training for Tour de France or any tour for that matter. Your “Slow-Poke Rodriguez rides sounds like the ideal ride for us and we were hoping to be able to put together more of the same while there. In fact we would be pleased to compensate you for putting together a series of rides that we could do that would fit our criteria (if that is even possible). We have the AA Tenerife Island map with a scale of 1:50,000 and also the Tenerife Bus and Touring Map.

Additionally we do like night-life and very much enjoy dancing and were trying to determine the best place to base ourselves. Santa Cruz de Tenerife was our original thought but we had also considered staying in Puerto de la Cruz. We don’t really want to be in south with all of the “package people”.

Any thoughts that you are able to share with us would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help.


Well I can certainly suggest suitable cycling routes and having the car helps as it will cut out a lot of climbing and shorten the rides considerably. Your bikes sound adequately geared for most climbs although I’d still consider a 26 or 27T rear cog in addition to the triple. This of course depends on where you go… some parts of the island are steeper than others. I think with experience on your side, you’ll both be okay.

You’re in luck because tonight and tomorrow I’m not all that busy & since you’ve asked, I’m happy to suggest some routes for you. I don’t ask for payment, but then I don’t knock it back either ! 😉 You can always make a donation with paypal to “”, any money you provide goes straight back into the website itself, running the new cycling forum & blog, or else the actual rental bikes + equipment.

I try to continually improve upon things, but it is a slow process. I’m really the only one running the whole enterprise, and times have been tough but I’m just managing to hang in there financially.

So anyway, on with the rides. The furthest part of Tenerife from the South is Anaga. That’s your best bet for intermediate climbs away from package people. By “intermediate”, I mean that each climb is never higher than 1000m, but some of the roads approach 10% average gradient, that’s why I suggest you find a bigger rear sprocket.

The roads here are truly awesome & there’s suprising little traffic considering how close it is to Santa Cruz. Start from either Las Mercedes or San Andrés. The top part travels along the spine of Anaga and is pretty flat. There’s a lot to explore; unfortunately there are no loop roads but it really doesn’t matter… there aren’t too many places to eat, and they generally don’t serve food until after midday. The difficulty of the climbs is in the following order (easy to hard): batan de abajo, Las Carboneras / Taborno, Afur & finally Taganana. I haven’t cycled up from the Southern San Andres side (only down) but I can say that the road + scenery is fantastic there too.

The Teno range is also great. There you can start from Garachico and head to Buenavista (that section is about as flat as it gets along the North coast), then head over to Punta de Teno and back to Garachico stopping for lunch.
I’ve been meaning to update the rides & I’ll say now that from El Puerto to Garachico is getting too busy with traffic to be super-enjoyable, although that’s where you see the most local cyclists (there is a cycle lane). If you prefer to give that road a miss, start from Los Realejos instead which is actually very close to El Puerto. To avoid the steep roads of Los Realejos while you still have the car, make sure you’ve definitely found the start of road TF-342 and begin there. Head along through Icod el Alto, La Guancha towards Icod and back anyway you please.

Another great ride would be to climb from Garachico, loop around the snakey road to Icod de Los Vinos, and back to Garachico. That might not take very long, so stop at San Marcos beach for lunch that day.

Masca is very steep so if you consider doing the Garachico – Santiago del Teide – Masca – El Palmar – Buenavista Garachico route, do it in that order. If you do it the other way around, you’ll run into a killer 4km climb. You can avoid this by cycling in the aforementioned direction. The 4km climb then becomes a 4km killer descent!

Teide: Start from either Aguamansa or La Esperanza and head up the 5% grade as far as you feel like going, and then simply do a 180° turn and coast back to the start point!

Slow poke Rodriguez is definitely a flatter are than most of Tenerife; if I were you I’d start in El Sauzal or Tacoronte and explore that region (Guamasa, Tejina, Bajamar, Punta de Hidalgo, Tegueste). What I call Slow poke rodriguez is okay I guess, but nothing spectacular (remember: when climbing, you’re usually rewarded with great views!).

I think you’d find El Puerto more interesting that Santa Cruz. While it is a resort, it has a small-scale feel to it. [Read more →]

Good road maps of Tenerife?

hello Les

Can you provide maps of the island or is that something we can pick up easily when we get there?


Check out this link to download a free online digital map of Tenerife.

I can also provide various paper maps for 4.50 Euros which have enough information for most cyclists. While they show about the same number of roads as the free map, the elevation scales are marked which is really handy. See here for more details. There are several different types and yes they are easy enough to get when you are here.

The really detailed maps cost a lot more (13.50€) and are more difficult to get here. Most of the time I just have my own personal copies.

Thanks, Leslie.

Bike routes around Los Silos, Tenerife?

We will be in Tenerife later in the year and are interested in biking on the island. Do you have any single or multiple day tours?

We are staying in Los Silos, and might bring our own bikes (Calfees with couplers) if there are good routes, or we might rent road bikes.

Please advise.
Thank you.


Great to see you’re interesting in a cycling in Tenerife! :-)

Sorry for the late response, this last week has been the busiest of the year and your email kinda slipped through the net until now. Yes, there are some good rides around Los Silos. Several rides come to mind:

1) The ride to Punta de Teno (but you’ll need a torch as there is a very dark tunnel along that road)
2) Ride to Garachico and the climb up to El Tanque.
3) Ride to Masca / Teno Alto.

If you’re feeling particularly strong, you might try to tackle the Tierra del Trigo climb which I label “Die another Day” on the website, right on your back doorstep (starts from Los Silos).

The answer is that we mostly do road bike hire these days, not guided road rides, mainly because that’s what people request. That will hopefully change in future, but for now, that’s what we tend to offer most people. We’re also doing MTB hire & occasionally guided offroad rides too. [Read more →]