Are you guiding cyclists yourself or do you employ people?

Hi Leslie!

Great video! I know it is great cycling in Tenerife. I have never been there, but in december 2005 I cycled at Gran Canaria during one week and I loved the scenery and weather.

It might be a coincidence but I was just thinking about what to do next Winter. Last winter I was four months and the South of Spain cycling and studying the Spanish language,… entonces ahora hablo Espanol y en el proximo invierno quiero practicarlo en una zona donde hablan Espanol… I was already thinking about going some weeks to Tenerife. Then I can provide you some more detailed profiles of climbs of Tenerife.

Are you guiding cyclists yourself or do you hire people? In the latter case you could ask me because I have some experience of guiding cyclists.



I don’t do many guided road rides now, because everything is pretty well signposted and most people just want to hire the bikes and explore the island on their own. That way they can also go at their own pace, etc.

In the future I will offer guided rides again, when I have more clients and people wish to explore the lesser-known regions of Tenerife. Times are pretty tough at the moment due to the global financial crisis and everything, so I am not looking for employees. I would certainly appreciate more altitude profiles and ride descriptions of the South of Tenerife though.

I certainly hope you can come to Tenerife to train with your bike and to practise speaking (and listening to) Spanish this Winter!

Yo también hablo español… tuve que aprender porque vivo con una familia canaria… Has visto mi foro de ciclismo en Tenerife? Si quieres aprender un poco más, podrías registrarte…

If you would like to hire a bike while you are here, please let me know, OK?
Thanks, Leslie.

Professional bike support in Tenerife?


I’m not yet sure where we would stay. I like the area around Garachico and Puerto de la Cruz, but with small children and limited budget, I’ll probably end up nearer to the south. My wife will be able to provide vehicle support and I’ll keep a phone and local taxi numbers to hand, just in case. Again, even if stay in the south, I’ll take the bus to pick up the bike and ride back.

Incidentally, last time I was on the island I looked for professional bike support and couldn’t really find anything, so glad to see that someone is looking at this now. That was five years ago.



W.r.t the bikes and website, I do try my best. When I searched for cycling Tenerife a few years back, info was practically non-existant. I try to fill that void wherever possible… I’ve slowly expanded the website & my fleet of bikes, although it has not been an easy journey.

It’s great to have some sort of backup I agree… quite apart from mechanical failures though – do take care riding in Tenerife as there are a few blind corners to watch out for which can catch you unawares. It’s also fairly normal for oncoming vehicles (buses & trucks) to cross over the line when going round hairpin bends.

Renting a high end road bike for 3 weeks?

Hi. I am travelling to Tenerife on December 18th and I am interested in renting a high end road bike 59 or 60 cm for 3 weeks. Is this possible? Thanks


3 weeks eh? Yes of course it is certainly possible. Just be aware that the ultegra-equipped / carbon bikes will be in very high demand at that time so you may miss out unless of course you book now.

But most people find that hiring one of the premium bikes for more than two weeks is a little too cost prohibitive and sometimes end up bringing their own. Best to rent one of the economy rental bikes instead – the price of the budget rental bikes will be around €11-12 / day. They come with alloy frame, integrated shifters, low gearing suitable for mountainous terrain, dual-pivot caliper brakes, and good wheels. All our bikes are of excellent quality, and they’re maintained to the highest standards. I can always provide full bike specs if you are interested.

We have a new booking form here. It’s best if you can fill out that so I have your details on file.

If there’s anything you’d like to know, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Business is really picking up, so it’s best to get your reservation in early!
Thanks very much,

[note to other cyclists – a cheaper option is to purchase an ex-rental bike instead, assuming they are available…]

I don’t speak Spanish. Is that going to be a problem if I ride in Spain?

I don’t speak that going to be a problem if I ride in Spain??

Anyway, it’s no problem. Within El Puerto, it’s not a big problem if you don’t speak Spanish, no. Outside El Puerto, it sure helps. It means you don’t have to point at food items & things and feel like an idiot. But I wouldn’t let that discourage you! It’s all part of the adventure!!!

Advice on riding at altitude


I am looking to book a one week family holiday in Tenerife in September. Are road bike hire and route support still available at that time? I’d only be looking for two or three days, hopefully including an ascent of Mt Teide.

I’ve never ridden at altitude, so would need to take some advice on this.



Road bike hire is certainly available… guided rides may or may not be available, but I can certainly advise you on routes if you’ll be hiring a bike with us.

I imagine that riding at this sort of altitude won’t present any special problems unless you are ashmatic, or have a similar lung condition. [please note that I am not a medical Doctor but a Science Doctor] The highest roads in Tenerife are located at 2300m. You will notice a slight loss of breath, especially evident on steeper sections of roads. Otherwise, if you take it easy it’s okay. It starts to become more noticeable at 3000+ masl. Perhaps more important than oxygen levels are the weather conditions… Septemeber is normally pretty hot. There’s further info throughout the webpage (try using the search function, it works very well). [Read more →]