New Pro Lite frames have arrrived!

Pro Lite logoIn recent news, we received a package from Pro Lite yesterday (well 7 actually). Included in this shipment are two new road framesets in 56cm and 60.5cm sizes as well as one 19.5″ hardtail MTB frame. These are manufactured from 7046 aluminium alloy and the weight of the 54.5cm alloy road frame is a respectable 1258 grams! They definitely look like they are worth the money. [Read more →]

When is the best time to ride in Spain?

When is the best time to ride in Spain?

Tenerife is a year-round cycling destination, so any time of year is good to ride.

But don’t assume that the earlier you can get out riding the better it will be. 7:00 to 9:00am is often peak hour during the busiest Winter months; it can in actual fact be quieter in the afternoon, just after lunch from 3:00 to 5:00pm when the retail shops are closed for their siesta time.

The best actual time and day of the week to ride is by far Sunday mornings (just like any place really). Sunday mornings are practically deserted compared to normal traffic patterns; even quieter than they should be. [Read more →]

Bike hotels:

Do hotels generally mind you keeping your bike in your room overnight?

I wouldn’t store my bike in any hotel garage. Too dark & deserted for my liking.

I usually recommend my clients to store their bikes in the hotel’s luggage room. It’s is much more appropriate & safer place. They’ll usually be fine with you locking it up to something in there, and the room is often under lock and key anyway. [Read more →]