Looking for a good base for cycling in Tenerife?

Hi Leslie

If you have the time would very much appreciate your advice. My wife, myself and very young son are coming to Tenerife from Feb 27 until Mar 6. I’ll be training up for a cyclosportif in France so will be very keen to ride whilst there. I actually do quite a lot of road cycling (I have a Cervelo Soloist ­it’s either a 56 or 68 cm) and mountain biking (I ride a lapierre x-control 510 51 cm).

I know very little about Teneriffe and would welcome your views on a good area to stay ­ my wife wants sun but I really don’t want to be near any trashy resorts (I have heard that part of the island has a few of these).

I’d also look to rent a bike ­ I’d appreciate your advice here also. Although the sportif is on the road if you think Tenerife mountain biking outweighs the road cycling I’d be happy to do that. Just want to keep the legs kicking over. And of course do you have anything available for that time (I also have a friend coming who will be looking for something
commensurate ­ he’s the same size as me).


Ian Edwards

Hello Ian,

I’d be happy to offer some advice on places/locations to stay.

Firstly, if you don’t want to stay near a trashy resort, stay away from
Los Cristianos & Las Americas. There is another side of Tenerife…

Have a look at places like Barcelo Varadero in Los Gigantes, Riu Garoe in
Puerto de la Cruz. Give me some further info & we can narrow things down a
lot. Do you want to stay in a hotel, apartment or quiet villa? What about
beach access, or you don’t care? Proximity to restaurants?

Well now’s an ideal time to start thinking about the bike reservations, as
the best bikes always get snapped up first. We already have some bookings
around then… MTBs are always more fun, but then if you’re like me, you
tend to get lazy and just go downhill more. If you’re serious about
training, I’d go with a road bike, but that’s just me.

I take it you are both around 180cm tall?
Looking forward to your reply,


Group rides out of Puerto de la Cruz. Cycling club meeting point.

Hi Leslie,
If you can think of any regular or irregular group rides out of Puerto de la Cruz, let me know. I don’t care what language they speak! Otherwise, I’ll be doing a lot of exploring on my own.


The local cyclists meet at the Shell petrol station at Las Arenas, point
“A” on the following google map:


I’m told that they usually meet on weekends at 8:00am

Hope this heps—

Quiet place to stay in Tenerife?

me and my wife are hoping to come out to tenerife, me for some good road training and my wife for the sun.
can you reccommend a quiet resort or villa with pool that is away from the night clubs and package destinations we like to relax in percefull surroundings.
Lyndon and Teana

Hi there,

I’d be only too happy to recommend some places to stay…

It really depends on your budget and how far away you want to be from
restaurants, etc. Are you looking for something like a rural villa, or do
you prefer a resort hotel in a quieter zone but still close to one of the
main resorts?

I’d generally steer clear of Las Americas.

I personally would stay in any one of the following:

* Casablanca, if you want convenient, affordable self-catering apartments
within walking distance to the centre of Puerto de la Cruz.
* Hotel Riu Garoe, in the “La Paz” (means “the peace”) zone of Puerto de
la Cruz for a 5-star resort. Restaurants in the Botanico region are a 5
minute walk away.
* La Quinta Roja in Garachico… a boutique hotel in a jewel of a town.
* Hotel Rural El Patio between Icod & Los Gigantes. Again, just look at
the photos of the location on their website… probably some of the best
rides from around here too!!
* Hotel Alhambra in the old town of La Orotava. Only a few rooms, but
absolutely a marvelous place and possibly the best value for your dollar.
* Luxury Villa? Look no futher than Villa Preciosa in El Rincon. I’ve been
there and it’s really “no expense spared”.

* Abama, for a 5 star resort all on its own isolated turf (but not if you
don’t like golfers… it’s the furthest resort from us, on the other side
of the island)
* Hotel Barcelo Santiago in Los Gigantes, just because a lot of people
overlook the area around Los Gigantes, Playa Arena Puerto Santiago… I
think this one is the classiest places to stay?

As far as getting away from things even further, go to one of the rural
villas/fincas owned by locals… the closest ones I can recommend are
Villa caya and La Abejera just about a mile away from us, although the
pools won’t be as nice as the aforementioned places as they are generally
at 500m altitude and a lot smaller/cosier.

Please let me know if you need help finding the websites or we can narrow
it down further in the next email…


Are you still doing road rides or not?

Hello Leslie,

I will be coming to Tenerife for a week in mid January. I will be bringing my own bike.

I am usually a self explorer, make my own mistakes kind of guy. But your knowledge and expertise is evident and I really appreciate that.

I don’t like hand holding and do like riding at my own pace especially on unfamiliar roads. But I might be up for a day or two of you showing some of your local roads.

It wasn’t clear to me if you are still doing road rides or not. I will be in Tenerife from the 15th to the 24th. Let me know what the current situation is.

Are there good local maps readily available? I found some here (USA), but may not be able to get them to me in time for my departure.


The current situation is that the bike hire side of things is probably twenty times more poplular than the guided rides ever were. For the time being I won’t be doing them (guiding people onroad) as I have to deal with about 50 simultaneous bike hire bookings…

Regarding the maps, yes they are available here from most tourist/newsagent type of shops usually selling suncream, etc. Here’s what the best maps look like:

Kompass 233

Freytag & Berndt Teneriffa

You can always contact me closer to your arrival to see if I am freed up enough for a ride…



Contact other cyclists in Tenerife for group rides

Hello Leslie,

First of all, I would like to tell you that you have a fantastic website !
I suppose you know that anyway as a lot or people will be congratulating

We plan to go to Tenerife for a cycling holiday (2 pax) from 2nd to 10th
Jan 2010. As there are no organized rides, is there a way to get in
contact with other cyclists in Tenerife in order to plan group rides ?

I signed in the forum on your website, but need to wait an e-mail from the
administrator before I can log in.

Thank you for your help if you have the time and any suggestion.

We do not need bike hire as we travel with our own bikes.

Kind regards,

Hello Flora & thanks for signing up.

Also a big thanks for your kind praise regarding the website.

As you can see, the forum is not very active, but don’t give up hope for an answer… We generally get over 1000 visitors daily on the site! The whole idea of setting up the forum was for cyclo-tourists to hook up with eachother. I suspect with time, more people will join up and use it for its original purpose… so I definitely encourage you to make a few more posts. At the very least I myself will respond within a few days (I tend to let other members reply first now).

There are almost 100 members, most of them are lurkers and so not all of them active. But it takes time to develop the level of trust & input needed for a forum to work.

You might try contacting some of the clubs in this list.

Most of them speak Spanish though…



Organised rides in the South of Tenerife?

Hi Leslie,

Seasons greetings hope you have had a good one. As you know we are going to based in the south of the island, with this in mind do you have cycling route maps for the area or recommend routes to us. We plan to ride between 3 and 6 hours a day, are there any organised rides near us?



Yes thanks, we had a traditional spanish dinner on the 24th. Presents aren’t given until the 6th of January here. :)

There are no planned rides in the South. There isn’t much organisation w.r.t cycling in Tenerife, hence my website. I’ve also started a new cycling forum here (feel free to sign up & post something, you might just get the ball rolling…hehehe). One aim of my forum is for cyclists to be able to meet up on holiday and ride together (even if they’re not hiring one of my bikes).

I can suggest the ride from Granadilla de Abona via Vilaflor through to the base of Mt Teide, and as far as you dare to go in the direction of La Esperanza. That’s an awesome ride.

Thanks very much,

December weather in Tenerife? Will it be too cold for cycling?

All sounds good! thanks for the advice, price is reasonable and the 12th is fine for delivery since i’ll need the 11th to settle in!

I can hardly belive im gonna do something that was just an idea in my head 2 days ago, training in the dark and rain was driving me to dispair! Im going out 2marrow for the club run at its going to be 7-8°C, its gonna rain and theirs a 14mph wind, but compared to the turbo trainer its tolerable.

Cya in a few days.


Well that sounds pretty miserable weather you’ve been having…

So you know, Tenerife experiences even better weather than Mallorca, so the Canary Islands are truly a year-round cycling destination.

Still I can’t guarantee that it won’t rain here though… we almost never have a solid week of rain [apart from the 2009 Winter season that is]. Whenever it does rain, it usually just sprinkles. Usually one or two days every winter we have a massive wind storm that puts snow on Mount Teide.

Since you’re new to the sport, be aware that although it’s Tenerife, it is Winter, and so it is already quite chilly up there above 1000m. *Definitely* bring a windproof jacket, arm + leg warmers and preferably long windproof gloves, if only used for the descents. Lengthy ascents will require single layer clothing, short or long sleeve depending on your tolerance to cold weather. Look here for coastal weather forecasts; looks like local temps of 17-23°C!! It’s never too cold to cycling here!

Like I always say though, at an altitude of ~2000m, frost appears in the morning. Add 30mph wind chill factor onto that plus the fact that you’re not pedalling as much going down hill for an hour and you have a recipe for disaster if you only bring a short sleeve jersey and nothing else.

Last January/February [2008], during the coldest period in Tenerife, we had another guy from Northern Ireland (from Dromara cycling club, pictured on the testimonials webpage) who froze when we ascended past 1500-2000m altitude… he even had a lycra head warmer, vest & toe covers… so it can still get cold.

Thanks very much & look forward to seeing you then.