Extreme wind alert issued for Tenerife, 29th November 2010.

Extreme wind warning issued for TenerifeThere has been an “Extreme wind risk” issued by the spanish medioambiente site for Tenerife on Monday the 29th of November 2010. I.e. tomorrow!

There are also simultaneous “rain” and “coastal” risk alerts. The maximum gust of wind is predicted to be 170 km/h, with a 40%-70% probability. So yes, this is a serious weather alert folks…

There are three (four?) alert levels:

No Risk  Risk  Important Risk  Extreme Risk.

Extreme wind alert issued for Tenerife, 29th November 2010.It’s normal for there to be a few sub-tropical storms in the Canary Islands, especially at the start of Winter. This happens when snow is dumped on the peak of Mt Teide. The main danger for all road users are gale force winds, which can cause trees, branches and rocks to fall onto the road surface or vehicles themselves. The chances of this provoking other accidents is greater than normal, due to reduced visibility around blind corners, etc. Cars, trucks and buses may then swerve to avoid obstacles. Therefore, it’s highly reccommended that you don’t cycle at this time, especially above 1000 masl where the wind level is always esculated.

Last year a whole bunch of pine trees (hundreds!) fell down in the area called “chanajiga” in the North of Tenerife. That landscape is still scarred today by strong winds such as these. Anyway, the good news for tourists is that the weather forecast for Tuesday is much improved, with just the “rain” risk currently in place.

Technology powered by alternate energy.

Wind EnergyThis is just a quick note to say that apart from other green measures we are taking, it’s worth noting that the Tenerife Training website is also hosted by a green server. What the hell does that mean? Well, it means that the people who host all our files use wind energy instead of energy derived from oil or nuclear sources. In simple terms, it means that when other people see our website, the information that we provide 24 hours a day to the world is accessed through the use of green energy.

Top 10 hotels in Tenerife

Seven star hotel rating 4 starsWe’ve been to enough hotels in the past 5 years to know which ones stand out above the rest. Here’s the link to the top ten villas & apartments in Tenerife.

Rather than list all the hotels that we don’t recommend, here’s my personal list of favourite places to stay on the island:

  1. Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque Resort. For me it’s like entering fairytale land where everything is perfect. Time and time again, they’ve proven to me that they know how to run a hotel with unrivaled professionalism.
  2. Abama Golf and Spa Resort. It’s an isolated hotel on located right by the coast, surrounded by banana plantations. Every time I arrive at Abama they offer a good welcome. The decor is classy without going over the top. If I wanted a 5 star holiday in the South of Tenerife, this is probably where I’d pay to stay.
  3. Barcelo Santiago. This is a spot which probably takes the record for repeat clients; guests keep coming back here year after year. It’s a small, cosy resort located in Los Gigantes. It’s quite affordable & has a great buffet breakfast. Not to be confused with Barcelo Varadero in Puerto Santiago. We have stayed there. Don’t miss out on the breakfast!/li>
  4. Hotel Alhambra. This is a much smaller hotel located close to the old town of La Orotava. Every room is different and the hotel itself is quite unique.
  5. Roca Nivaria. A cut above the majority of resorts in Las Americas. This one is located in Playa Paraíso.
  6. La Quinta Roja, a cosy, understated hotel in the charming old seaside port town called Garachico.
  7. Hotel Gran Melia Palacio de Isora. This is renowned as the top hotel in Tenerife, but personally I’d rather stay at Abama or El Duque.
  8. Hotel Riu Garoe. A newly constructed resort in Puerto de la Cruz. This hotel has effectively managed to push Hotel Botannico off this top ten list, because the facilities are newer and they are less pretentious.
  9. Europe Villa Cortés. Possibly the best hotel to choose if you’re looking to stay in the heart of Las Americas.
  10. Hotel El Nogal. A beautiful rustic hotel in a quiet spot in La Escalona, not far from Vilafor.
  11. Hotel Rural El Patio. This is where we jokingly say we’d like to retire to… like an estate house. I am not sure how you get to stay in the main building though.

Biking Tenerife / Canaries advice


Very informative website you have.

Planning a road cycling trip in France, Spain and Canaries for Aug/Sept 2011.
We are 3 couples who are serious riders, who have ridden most all the Cols of note in France, the last couple of years.

For the best cycling experience for one week in the Canaries, would you have any recommendations on where (city/island) to stay for the best cycling?

Appreciate any advice you might have for us.

Best Regards,


It’s really hard for me to say what are the best locations to stay. I think you would be very limited by spending only 1 week in the whole Canary Islands. It might be best to choose two islands at most.

Here is my list of “top 10 climbs in Tenerife”. Depending on what you are seeking out, you can choose your location based on that…

Personally, as far as Tenerife is concerned, I wouldn’t miss the main climbs to Mt Teide (all but the western approach), Masca & Anaga. La Gomera is a great little island I’ve always been meaning to explore by bike. I’m sure La Palma and Gran Canaria also have some rides which are not to be missed…


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Tallest cyclist record.

Tallest cyclist record: 204cm tall riderThis giant rider snatches the record for our tallest client to date by just 1cm; Jurgen van Oorschot of the Netherlands, measures an incredible 204cm tall (6’8″). He sure towered above me! The previous record holder stood 203cm tall.

Reduced reach brake levers for small hands

…I have small hands and a quite weak grip, so please make sure that the brakes of the bike grips good and that the break levers run easy with no effort!
Otherwise i will not make it down the mounatins!…


Yes we have just the bike for you!
It is a 48cm Vitus shuffle ladies bike just been built up a few days ago, photo attached.

It features a compact crankset (in small size 165mm with 34/50T chainrings), low-range cassette (12-27t), full carbon fork, 10 speed components.

The good thing about this bike is that it has narrow, compact reach handlebars, and we have also reduced the reach of the levers for small hands (they’re the new carbon ultegra shifters). Possibly the best thing about this bike is that we have equipped it with our own brand of compressionless cable housing called “vertebrae”, so although the brake levers don’t have much travel, you definitely won’t run out of brakes. (normally f you reduce the reach of brake levers, they will hit the handlebars when you apply them hard)

The brakes are also very easy to apply, because all your hand force goes into working the brake calipers, not compressing the brake lines… have a look at our link below for further info…

We can also mount a short (50mm) stem, ladies saddle and zero-setback seatpost if you prefer.

I’ve reserved this bike for you over your requested dates… total price is 85 Euros including delivery & all necessary equipment. The small merida is also available & will have an upgraded compact crankset, but the Vitus is a much nicer bike, especially with the brakes & gears…

Very much looking forward to your reply,

Thanks very much,

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Radurlaub auf Teneriffa


mein Freund und ich möchten im Dezember Rennradurlaub auf Teneriffa machen. Wir möchten dann gerne zwei Rennräder bei Ihnen mieten. Können Sie uns eventuell ein günstiges Hotel empfehlen, das auch über einen Radkeller verfügt?

Für eine baldige Antwort wäre ich dankbar!

Martin Jeitner


I would try the following:

* casablanca apartments
* puerto palace
* florasol
* masaru
* orotava palace
* turquesa playa
* chimisay

other hotels might be cheaper but maybe don’t have the same quality…

What sizes of bikes are you interested in renting?


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Climbing and gear ratios

Dear Dr. Brown,

I just read your exciting blog on climbing and thought I’d ask some advice.

I used to ride a Bianchi Torino but I moved on to a Kona PhD. The components of the Kona are far superior to the heavier Bianchi. Nevertheless, the heavier, inferior
bike climbs with vastly more ease than the Kona. When I have asked cycling experts, most of them spoke of cycling position or dismissed my claims as “in my mind.” I
would rather conclude the opposite: I expected the new sexy bike to make climbing a cinch. While it is subjective to a degree, I experimented using both bikes to climb
the same steep hills and found that the difference was phenomenal. I asked yet another cycling expert/friend and he concurred that it could be the gear ratios. So
naturally, I thought I’d show you the specs of my Kona and ask whether taking your advice and switching to a 53/39/30 chainring would make a significant difference.

Here are the specs: http://www.cyclerscafe.com/AroundTownBikes/Kona/PHD.aspx.

Thanks in advance for your time.


Jerry Piven


It definitely makes a huge difference.
I’m a bit confused because the photo of the Kona already shows a triple… what gearing does your older bianchi have?

You could try installing an 11-28T cassette, which is easier because you won’t have to but a new crankset, front derailleur & possibly shiftlevers. 11-28T should work with a standard rear derailleur, if not, it’s still less investment than a triple setup (just a long cage rear derailleur is required, and possibly a longer chain. Then if that doesn’t make a difference, have a look at installing a compact crankset as well. Don’t do it the other way around, because changing the rear sprockets makes more of a difference than the front gears.

With all our bikes, we are moving in this direction: 34/50T or even 33/50T front chainrings, 12-27 or 11-28T cassette – merely because it’s the most flexible and economical setup.


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