Will the weather be good enough for the rides in October – December?

Good evening,

I’m a keen mountain biker and road cyclist and wish to get some rides in while visiting Tenerife. Was planning on being there in Oct and Dec, will the weather be good enough for the rides you mention on your website?

Also if are the mountain bike trails easy to follow if I was to cycle alone?

Many thanks,

James Young


Yes, the weather will be cooler obviously but still rideable. In fact the December-April period is our busiest time – most of our clients who rent bikes come down from Northern Europe to cycle here then & escape their own Winter.

It will be colder up the mountain, so you will likely need arm & leg warmers. It’s a good idea to bring a thin windshell jacket + gloves for the December visit too! Check out our Weather & info page for more info about the climate…

The mountain trails are not all that easy to follow as they aren’t really marked. But all you really have to do is point your bike downhill in the direction of the sea, and you can’t go too far wrong.

The best map is the Kompass 233, available here.

On the road it is completely different – all roads are clearly signposted with a TF designation.
Hope this helps.


Top ten villas / apartments in Tenerife

Top 10 villas / apartments in TenerifeThere are many apartments and villas in Tenerife – needless to say- but not all of them are what they say they are. So after 5 years of delivering bikes all over Tenerife and having seen a lot of different properties ourselves in the flesh, we decided to write this list of what we consider as the best apartments, rural houses & private villas. We’ve included links as some of these places are not easy to find online otherwise. Here’s the link to the top ten hotels in Tenerife.

  1. Villa Preciosa
  2. This is without a doubt one of the most exclusive villas in Tenerife and also has a long heritage. Villa Preciosa has recently been totally renovated and the attention to detail is amazing. Here you can relax in your very own private bar, pool (heated if you desire), and surrounds. Even the bathrooms exude luxury!

  3. Casa La Abejera
  4. The owner is your typical Mr Fixit, so everything works. It’s a very cute little house which has a charming rustic theme. Worth mentioning that the owners are into recycling & ecological gardening.

  5. Casablanca Apartments
  6. consistently has the highest tripadvisor ratings of any property in Tenerife, regardless of location or status. It’s also the only place I know of with dedicated locked bicycle storage room, meaning no ‘normal’ luggage is allowed! Well done!!

  7. Jardin de la Paz
  8. This place probably has the best vantage point on the island, located atop a true 300m cliff with views out over neighbouring island La Palma and the Atlantic ocean.

  9. Aparthotel Riu Adeje Although it seems a little fake, it’s still one of the best apartments in Las Americas (it’s usually resort hotel accommodation in Las Americas) – NOTE: now called “Family Isabel”
  10. Playa de las Roques
  11. Located in a very secluded spot in La Romantica, Los Relejos; nevertheless, it’s right on the coast and is a great place to stay if you’re looking for peace and quiet.

  12. Villa Caya An authentic rural house located in an ideal spot for cycle-training in the North of Tenerife.
  13. Hollywood Mirage
  14. Located in Los Cristianos, it’s just like the website shows…

  15. Apartamentos Villa Mandi
  16. Also located in Los Cristianos, it is clean and well-maintained.

Engine swap operation successful! After six weeks in the mechanics, Molly is finally back on the road.

2004 Ford Transit connect, with a 1.8L turbo diesel engine delivering 75ps.We’ve become quite fond of our our official delivery van since getting it late last year. It’s a 2004 Ford Transit connect, with a 1.8L turbo diesel engine delivering 75ps. This is an ex-rental van from Molina rentacar. We have since fixed up the interior a bit and added the Pro Bike Hire signwriting and then not long after, the name “Molly” stuck. We’ve tried out a number of similar small vans like the Citroen berlingo and VW caddy, but they are just not as practical as the transit connect.

Unfortunately, about six weeks ago, Molly’s engine exploded. Here’s basically what happened: The day before, we heard an unusual sound coming from the engine bay. We stopped as soon as we could and checked the engine temperature & oil level, both seemingly ok, but the sound grew worse as we came home. The very next day, we had another delivery to do in the South of Tenerife. In hindsight, we shouldn’t have taken the van that day, we should’ve taken it straight to the mechanics. But we assumed it was the fanbelt and that another hundred kilometres or so wouldn’t be detrimental. [Read more →]