Fires in Tenerife 2012. Which roads are affected?

Hi,I am due to be coming to South Tenerife next week and wondered what effect the fires had on mountain biking and road biking? I wanted to ideally bring my MTB but I hear there may not be any where open

for riding. If this is the case would the road from las Americas up Tiede be open? I was looking to ride up through vilaflor to the summit on my road bike.

Thank you for your help.

Tim Hulbert

Tenerife Fire Coverage.Here is a map where the fire took place, showing the fire boundaries.

I am really not sure about MTB. I expect a lot of offroad trails will be closed (in the South). Everything in the North is still open.
The main climb to Mt Teide from the South which passes through Vilaflor should definitely already be open, as will practically all other roads with a TF designation. You can always call the roads information centre which is operated by the Cabildo de Tenerife on 901 501 901. If there is an emergency, you can contact them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 900 210 131.

European Police & Fire Olympics 2012 results

European Police & Fire Olympics Tenerife 2012 TriathlonIt gives me great pleasure to announce some unexpected (but fantastic) results obtained by two Spanish athletes using our rental bikes last week. Two gold medals were won in the MTB climbing discipline, one silver medal in the duathlon and another silver medal in the triathlon! Congratulations!!

New delivery van for 2012!

Renault Trafic 2900 dci 150 long wheelbase L2H2I’m pleased to announce that we have a new delivery van this season. It’s a Renault Trafic 2900 dci 150, long wheelbase version with 150 horsepower. These are photos of our new van with the Pro Bike Hire logos superimposed. We’re currently about half way through applying the actual vinyl decals. The final result is almost identical to the cgi mockup.

Renault Trafic 2900 dci 150 L2H2.For those interested, it’s much more comfortable than the small Ford Transit connect that it replaces. It has ample space & power. The only two gripes are that the lower panoramic mirrors aren’t adjustable and that the steering wheel isn’t adjustable for height either (only reach). Despite this, I come home feeling refreshed even if I’ve driven for more than 4-6 hours per day. Insurance premiums actually went down for this van.

My favourite Spanish commerical right now

Here’s the original ad:
(if you love dogs, and especially grehounds, you need to see this!)

And here’s a cool ‘making of video’, how managed to film it all:
(with english subitles)

We want to see your photos!

We want to see your photos!That’s right, if you are a past or future customer of, we’d love to see photos of you cycling in Tenerife! Please send us your photos via e-mail to this address: All image file formats are acceptable. The bigger the image, the better. If you have many photos, please send them as a zip archive. Once approved, the best photos will be selected & displayed on our guestbook page. We’re thinking about offering free bike days for the best photo submissions. The second prize could be a free T-shirt or something…

Another blog update.

Blog-update-cartoonIt’s been a while since I perused my blogroll, much as I hate that word. To my surprise, there were at least half a dozen dead links. They are now gone. Many of the cycling blogs in the Canaries haven’t been updated in quite some time. It’s almost as if they have been paralysed over the last few years, kind of like the economy. A few decent links remain, so those will stay. I’ll be weeding out the rest over the coming weeks. I may go in search of some better looking links in the time being… if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks, Les.