Biggest map of Tenerife ever!

biggest digital road map of TenerifeWe have managed to get a hold of an atlas-sized digital road map of Tenerife. This isn’t your ordinary everyday map. This map of Tenerife is a full 300 megapixels in size, measuring 19,000 pixels wide x 15,800 pixels tall. File size is ~125Mb as a jpeg image! Don’t be fooled by the tiny little vintage map shown here… click the image to download full high resolution map of Tenerife. It doesn’t quite show every single street in Tenerife, but it’s not far off!

Cycling links updated!

New cycling links!Nobody linkes old links because, well, they’re not very helpful. They’re more like a waste of time because you have to sift through all the bad links in order to find a good one. Due to the new webpage which should be ready in a few days’ time, I have taken this opportunity to refresh and reorganise all existing links. Some of the blog links in particular were getting quite old, so only recent blogs will be linked to.

New mobile versions of blog and forum now online

It gives me great pleasure to announce a few more updates. This blog is now even easier to read if you are on holiday in Tenerife as I have just installed a dedicated theme for mobile browsers. It should automatically work with most modern smartphones. Even the new forum also has a mobile version! Enjoy!

Drainage grates in Tenerife

Bicycle-Hazard-Symbol-Sign-Drainage-GratesTechnology has advanced enough recently enabling us to collectively map out all the exact locations of drainage grates in Tenerife. Considering the length of roads here, there aren’t actually that many.

This is an editable map so if you have found a drainage grate you believe to be a road hazard for cyclists, please update the place on the list. I highly encourage you to do so, because once we are armed with the exact location of ~20 or so known hazards, we can approach both the the Tenerife and Canary Islands cycling federations, local councils as well as the Tenerife Tourism department and see if we can get them to modify the design to be more cyclist friendly. The Tenerife deptarment of tourism once asked me something along the lines of “what could we be doing to improve cycling in Tenerife?”. I think eliminating these potential dangers is a simple and achieveable goal.

Thank you,


Puerto de la Cruz Hotel and Street Maps:

For your convenience, we have uploaded three detailed maps of the Puerto de la Cruz resort area. The first pdf map is an information map which best shows the overall layout of Puerto la Cruz, including the location of El Lago Martíanez. The second pdf map is a detailed street map of Puerto de la Cruz. The last one is a detailled Map of Hotel Locations in El Puerto. You can also download the best digital map of Tenerife Island here.

Catching the local bus in Tenerife with bikes?

The local bus network is very extensive & the buses always run on schedule. You can easily recognise these local buses; they’re bright green, and have “TITSA” written on the side of them. Although bikes are never permitted on board (inside) any buses, yes they will usually fit inside lugagge space of probably 80-90% of the buses that circulate -provided that both front and rear wheels are removed. Just to be sure, it’s best if you take off the pedals and lower the seatpost also.

If there is a latch on the luggage door, simply open the door and load your bike on, turningthe handlebars to ensure that it fits. If you’re lucky enough to get one of the bigger “cargo” buses, you won’t need to take off both wheels but you may need to show the driver you have a bike, and then they’ll remotely open the door. If the doors look very small and there are no handles, you’re probably out of luck. The only catch about taking bikes aboard buses is that you’re expected to do so only at major stations (Las Americas, Los Christianos, Los Gigantes, Puerto de la Cruz, La Laguna, Santa Cruz, Granadilla de Abona, Icod de Los Vinos, Güímar) and preferably before the bus leaves, otherwise you hold everyone else up. Don’t expect any bus drivers to stop for you anywhere else. Click here for further information about travelling with bikes on the Titsa buses in Tenerife. [Read more →]

Website updates planned.

another software upgradeIt’s been a while since I last updated the whole website, so  you can expect a new main website some time next week! In the mean time, I’m upgrading the blog software, so you may find that this blog could go offline. Also expect the theme too be temporarily different while these upgrades take place…