Doc brown joins Linked In

Linkedin logoSo this has been a week of getting our social media back on track! Just click the LinkedIn logo to the left to see my professional profile. You can see a little more about my background and expertise. A great site for networking.

Temporary closure in June 2013

on-vacation-closed-signWinter has been very busy & it’s that time of year again (Spring) when we need to disconnect and go on a holiday ourselves! This is actually a honeymoon vacation and we’ll be visiting Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria as well as New South Wales. As always, looking forward to starting work feeling refreshed. We plan to be back in Tenerife by July 5th, 2013. We’ll still have internet / email access so feel free to submit your bike reservations during this time… Thank you, Leslie.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

twitter-tweet-little-birdSome of you might like to know that we just opened up a Twitter account. I used to make fun of Twitter, but I’ve slowly come to realise that it has become a great (fast) way of providing up-to-the-minute info. So there you have it. Only time will tell if it works for us or not…