Pro Bike Hire for sale!

Dress for success cartoonPro Bike Hire is a well established business based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. We have a proven track record of success which can be verified on paper. We have a large base of satisfied repeat customers and have created a very strong brand identity.

The main reason for the sale is that I am now living permanently in Australia. I’d like to finalise the sale of the business before the end of September. That would give adequate time for you to prepare for the next high season which starts around mid-October.

Our most recent offer is fast bottoming out at only €28,500!! Considering that we get daily bookings & enquiries for bike rentals and the van and bikes are included, I think this is an extremely good price… [Read more →]

Main website is down

404 web computer error cartoonWell it appears the main website has gone down. This is a server/database issue. It’s probably going to take another 24-48 hours to fix. I will use this opportunity to get this blog to appear under the url without the “/Tenerife-News-Cycling-Blog/ which is essentially just keyword spam.

So the new website, the one that went down, will appear on its own domain, (as it should because that’s what we call the business, the logos are all Pro Bike Hire, etc).

The forum is still ‘working’ (although hardly anyone contributes so I’ll probably be deleting it outright).

This blog still works, as does our Twitter account.