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3TTT bio-morphe ergonomic carbon handlebar.


I’m writing this review  because I want people to know how well-designed this product is. I think this is the best bicycle product I have ever bought – simple as that. I didn’t realise how much difference a comfortable bar would make. It definitely deserves the following detailed review.

Firstly, I have the old 26.0mm clamp size, and I have campagnolo record levers fitted. For comparison, my hands span about 3 to 3.5€ across the palm (so I guess they’re considered large).


  • Possibly the best feature is where the bar curves into the drops. The shape is very hard to describe, being a bit like a large knob, but it creates what I’d call a new “pistol grip” position on the outside corners; similar to the way you hold your hands on the hoods, but further back. It’s also arguably more comfortable than the hood position…
  • The oval-sectioned tops feel so much more comfortable than a normal rounded bar, and there is a double-width groove for campy cables. The size of the oval section isn’t overly large like some other bars I’ve tried (cinelli integralter, easton EC70, FSA wing pro). The outer-most section of the bar (behind the hoods) also sits slightly lower than the top part of the bar (~1/4″), so this makes holding the bar on the tops (just inside the corners) just that little bit more cosy, because its convex profile matches up with the concave part of your palm. Trust me, it works well 😉
  • The bar also has a very tight radius bend, allowing you to hold your hands further apart that what you would be able to with a traditional bar, increasing leverage & comfort.
  • Then, just under the brake hoods, there is a another section that is cut away; this creates extra space when holding the drops. It allows you to get three fingers under there, which is so much better than two. It just feels so much more natural (this is especially noticeable when you go back to using a normal bar).
  • Next, the drops have a few dents moulded in: this precisely fits the palms of my hands. Whenever I settle into the drops, it’s almost as though they’re custom-moulded to my hands. It just fits perfectly and I smile every time my hands snuggle in down there. Plus they’re a fair bit shallower than most bars, and so I find myself using the drops more (I never did use the drop position much previously).
  • The actual composite construction is A1 quality. There are no voids, etc, and the weave is perfectly aligned where it should be. Reassuring, because I have bought some poor quality stuff before over the internet. (I am a Materials Scientist by trade so I know bad stuff when it comes my way). The bio morphe comes in a matt finish.

This is one of those products that you think to yourself: “why didn’t someone think of this earlier”. I reckon 3TTT really tried as hard as they could to create the ultimate ergo handlebar. They must have hired a bunch of ergonomic specialists to help them design it. I can just picture them all gathered around a table brainstorming on how to make the product better. Unlike some companies which try to cut corners, TTT didn’t hold them back, which is really good to see. What’s even more amazing is they were constrained with the section below the ergolevers, as nothing can have a diameter greater than the clamps – they had to do it by deliberately moulding dents into the form of the bar – something that cannot be done with metal as easily. Until ergolevers become integrated into the handlebars themselves, this is probably the best ergonomic bar on the market, and although it is difficult to find, it has a cult following.

Although there is a proliferation of ergo-carbon bars out there at the moment, I think this one has the most features, but they are subtle. I bought mine off the ‘net, but urge you to get one in your hands, and it will sell itself. I knew it would be great from the moment I took it out of the parcel & grabbed onto it. The best product ever in my opinion. I only wish someone could make a saddle as comfortable as this!!!

I hope 3TTT sell a million of these.


  • These weighed ~ 30gm more than anticipated, and their claimed weight isn’t exactly light to start with, but in view of the fit & comfort, I can easily overlook the weight penalty.
  • I don’t tend to use the rear-most section of the drops, and they sometimes bang into my knees if I don’t concentrate on pedalling straight. I.e. they stick out pretty far backwards.
  • Price is not an issue here, as other bars cost twice as much.

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