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Acupuncture without needles? An alternate way of treating stress, depression, and other anxiety-related illnesses:

Animal AcupunctureThe principals of acupuncture are based on the stimulation of certain points throughout the body. These points are interconnected and are known as meridians. The organs and limbs along these meridians beneficially respond to stimulation, with a subsequent relief of pain and an improvement in the general sense of well-being.

Thousands of years of observing the cause and effect of using and refining these techniques of stimulating specific areas of the body to give therapeutic affect have survived into the 20th century. The Chinese have continued to embrace acupuncture as a major plank to their public health program such as witnessed with the training of Bare Foot Doctors to provide low cost acceptable medical care to the millions of Chinese in rural China.

With the opening up of China to the western world the “art of acupuncture” has been subjected to intense western scientific scrutiny. Research demonstrated that acupuncture relieved pain in rats and rabbits, thus dispelling any contention that acupuncture was purely a placebo effect on humans.

Western doctors have been studying the ancient art now for 30 years, integrating it into western medical culture as have the Chinese been accepting western method into theirs. Dramatic demonstrations of anaesthesia under acupuncture to perform complicated major surgery provides the most convincing proof of its efficacy. The major benefits of acupuncture though are good health maintenance and providing relief for painful conditions.

The beneficial effects of acupuncture are far-reaching and can be categorized into six different effects. The best known of these and most spectaculary demonstrated is analgesia (pain relief) which is achieved by raising the pain threshold. Surgical operations eg appendectomy, caesarean section, facial surgery were in the past routinely carried out in China using acupuncture alone. Today it is more likely that modern anaesthetic is performed due to its improved efficacy. However in conjunction with acupuncture the amount of pharmacological agent is minimized.

Secondly, sedation occurs which is useful for the treatment of anxiety states, addictions etc.

A third most important effect is to adjust homeostasis of the body. Homeostasis is the term to explain the balance or equilibrium between opposing control systems of bodily functions ie so that blood pressure is controlled, body temperature controlled, respiration rate maintained etc.

In many diseases this balance is temporarily deranged and acupuncture is helpful in restoring the body to the original state of equilibrium. There is an immune enhancing action of acupuncture, whereby body resistance to disease is strengthened. Reliance on anti-biotics can be lessened. Similarly there is an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effect.

The success rate of acupuncture treatment is generally found to be 80-85%, with 15% of the population not responding. However for the 85% majority it provides a non-drug option for the management of numerous physical conditions.

The gate control theory of pain was the first scientific theory advanced for the mechanism of action of acupuncture. That is, by stimulating nerve fibres adjacent to an area eliciting pain, a pain blocking action is effected at the spinal cord ie the fibres registering pain are inhibited in transmitting their message to the brain. However, this theory only partly explained the phenomena.

Further it was realized that several hormones (chemicals) produced by areas of the brain also had a role to play. These have subsequently been named endorphins and encephalins which are the body’s own opiate (morphine-like) hormones. Morphine is the most powerful analgesic known to man and so it is understandable that by stimulating the secretion of the body’s own morphine-like substances in the brain such a profound effect as to allow major surgery to be performed can be experienced.

Whilst scientific evidence for the mechanism of action is extensive, the full explanation is still unknown with new theories constantly being explored. Importantly though, the ancient art which has evolved over thousands of years from observation has gained credibility as a legitimate therapy in western medicine.

Acuhealth pro 900

The Acuhealth Pro 900 has one primary attraction to those seeking help from this medically accepted method of pain relief. It uses no needles – and for those of us who have an aversion to the insertion of needles into our bodies, The Acuhealth Pro 900 is the perfect answer. Using the controlled power from an ordinary 9 volt battery, The Acuhealth Pro 900’s ingenious design actually locates the points to be stimulated and the audiovisual signal informs you, the patient or physician, to press the treatment button located on the hand held unit. 
There are no gels, needles, pads, electrical wires, plugs or fiddling around. You wont need a degree in physics or medicine, either to operate the unit or to feel the benefits after just a few 5 minute sessions. Safe and easy to use, everyone can operate The Acuhealth Pro 900 after reading the easy to follow instructions.

“I have used this instrument with great success and congratulate you on a fine product. Clinically I find it superior to elctro-acupuncture units I have bought in China. My associate doctors have expressed their satisfaction with it also. Many of my patients would be very interested in their purchase.”

Dr. J L Martin

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