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Any MTB trails on the south-side of the island?

Your website describes trails mostly in the North, any mountainbike trails on the south-side of the island?

Apart from my webpage (which incidently takes a while to load fully), for further information about mountain bike routes in Tenerife I suggest you take a look at these three links in particular:
Swotch (a simple but good information site for MTB trails in the South of Tenerife… also in English)
Pista del Rayo (a fantastic website about discovering Tenerife’s trails with extremely detailed mountainbike ride descriptions and maps… in Spanish)
Freeride MTB (a MTB blog with several great mountainbike rides)

There is also this link which is normally quite a good resource:
MTB Tabai (detailed ride descriptions, but all in spanish and it’s currently offline and/or registration is required)

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