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Are you still doing road rides or not?

Hello Leslie,

I will be coming to Tenerife for a week in mid January. I will be bringing my own bike.

I am usually a self explorer, make my own mistakes kind of guy. But your knowledge and expertise is evident and I really appreciate that.

I don’t like hand holding and do like riding at my own pace especially on unfamiliar roads. But I might be up for a day or two of you showing some of your local roads.

It wasn’t clear to me if you are still doing road rides or not. I will be in Tenerife from the 15th to the 24th. Let me know what the current situation is.

Are there good local maps readily available? I found some here (USA), but may not be able to get them to me in time for my departure.


The current situation is that the bike hire side of things is probably twenty times more poplular than the guided rides ever were. For the time being I won’t be doing them (guiding people onroad) as I have to deal with about 50 simultaneous bike hire bookings…

Regarding the maps, yes they are available here from most tourist/newsagent type of shops usually selling suncream, etc. Here’s what the best maps look like:

Kompass 233

Freytag & Berndt Teneriffa

You can always contact me closer to your arrival to see if I am freed up enough for a ride…


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