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Ask the bike guru!

Ask the bike guru!One of the primary objectives of is to provide free information about cyling in Tenerife. Almost every day, cyclists from all around the world ask me all types of questions in all different languages. One of the reasons I started forum storum was to get people to participate in the actual content of the site (but I think that most people just can’t be bothered signing up and participating).

So after three long years, it has finally occured to me that I could share some of the answers I provide in my emails. That way, I don’t have trouble thinking up content which isn’t some marketing BS I’ve struggled to invent and you can directly access this detailed & useful information. I’ll slowly add some of the more useful things I’ve written over time.

If you have a question, feel free to email me: or else post a comment below!

3 Responses to “Ask the bike guru!”

  1. Is one allowed to MTB up Montana Blanca from the Canadas road? I can see that it is physically possible but just checking in relation to Teide type rules.

  2. Nope, definitely not allowed to do that as Mt Teide National Park is a world heritage site. They do have officers on patrol and they will apprehend you if you attempt it…

  3. Thanks, noted. To clarify I meant cycling on the access road which you can walk up to the summit of Montana Blanca? Is that forbidden?

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