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Bike Hire in Golf del Sur?


I am coming to Tenerife for a holiday on Friday 21st Sept, and would like to hire a road bike for attempting to cycle up Teide. We are staying in Golf del Sur, so it would be quite a trek to get across the Island to your location. Is it possible to pick up a bike, and at which times of day can this be done?

I am thinking of renting for 3 days – 24th to 26th Sept. I currently ride a 56cm Cannondale frame, but have also a 54cm frame. I have standard spd shoes, and can bring pedals, although if you have some available it would be easier for me to rent them as well.

Alternatively, as it is a long way to come to pick up a bike, and my wife is not too keen on the chauferring duties, is there any competitor that you can suggest, who is a little closer to Golf del Sur, where I can rent a bike? (Sorry – that’s a bit cheeky, but I had to ask)

Finally, if you have something available for those dates, how much would it cost (and how many bottle cages does it have) ?

best regards

While prides itself on being “the best source of info regarding cycling in Tenerife on the net”… the only thing that keeps us going is bike hire. I work extemely hard to make it easy for people to find me and rent one or more of my bikes. It doesn’t make economic sense to give away my competitors contact details, unless I’m in a position where I can’t profit by it (eg: I don’t have any bikes available, which isn’t the case).

We’re a family run business, and while I’m an Australian, the profit stays within a Canarian family. If you want to support us, you’ll make the effort & come and pick up a bike. Alternatively, we have a pickup and delivery service which can be arranged as there are no places to rent road bikes in Golf del Sur.

We have a 55cm Hasa full carbon monocoque road bike that you can rent for 85 Euros for the 3 days. 2 bottle cages with 750ml bottles can be supplied. Normally people come in the morning or afternoon, but you can come whatever time you like, provided you let us know in advance. I can send you the detailed directions + map.

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