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Bike hire terms and conditions:

We provide these rental bicycles in order for cyclists to explore & train on the many roads & tracks in Tenerife. We take pride in the high quality of all our bikes – please take care of them and they will take care of you! Above all else we hope you enjoy cycling in Tenerife! We endeavour to provide the best possible service. We’re proud to say that 99% of our exisiting clients are extremely happy. Nevertheless, we recognise that sometimes things can go wrong (accidents), hence the following terms and conditions:

Our bicycles are not to be thrown around, purposely skidded, jumped or otherwise abused. No silly stunts, etc. Our bicycles are always cleaned, prepared & checked before they are rented out. It’s common courtesy to return them in the same state (I.e. clean and functioning, especially after prolonged use in the rain). You must endeavour to return each bicycle in the same condition in which it was lent to you. If it is not returned in the same state, with all tools and equipment, you are likely to be charged. Upon their return, bicycle(s) will be inspected & any damage assessed. If the bicycle does not meet our expectations, you will be held liable for cleaning and/or any repairs necessary (see table below).

At the time of rental, you may select from one of three insurance options: “no insurance”, where you will held liable for all potential damage incurred to the bicycle; “€100 excess option”, where you will only be held liable up to the value of the deposit (€1 per day surcharge); and “zero excess” where you are covered for all possible bicycle damage (available for an additional €2/day). Note that this insurance coverage is limited to bicycle damage only. Unfortunately we cannot insure bicycles for theft (see the section on theft prevention below). Personal injury, death and third persons are also exluded from our optional insurance policy.


Damage caused by normal wear and tear. This is limited to the following components:

  • spokes broken due to metal fatigue
  • normal tyre, chain and cassette wear
  • replacement brake pads, gear and brake cables

Replacement innertubes, tyres worn out by skidding on tarmac, missing tools, any other damage caused that is obviously your fault (for example stripped bolt threads, breakages caused by faulty/attempted repairs). You will be charged a cleaning fee of €2 if a bike is returned soaked in sweat and/or energy drink mixtures. Minor or major scratches (even if they are unintentional), metal fatigue (if it breaks, you are the one to pay). Broken shiftlevers caused by hamfisted operation. Cracked or broken frames. Bent rims or wheels that cannot be trued on the spot. Bicycle theft or loss. Here is a list of components and their associated replacement costs:

  • Entire bike lost or stolen: €700 for rigid MTBs and €1200 for road or full suspension bikes
  • Replacement frame: €400
  • Road shiftlevers: €150
  • MTB shiftlevers: €50
  • Carbon fork: €100
  • Suspension fork: €200
  • Wheel: €100
  • Tyre: €20
  • Seatpost: €20
  • Saddle: €30
  • Pump: €15
  • Inner tube: €5
  • Multitool misplaced or dropped €5
  • Cleaning fee: €2
  • additional parts not listed here will be charged at current retail prices

Whenever you go to a gymnasium (for example) you bring a towel & wipe the machine down after use. Same goes for our bikes! Sweat and other electrolytes are a direct cause of premature corrosion. Apart from that, there’s the issue of hygene. It’s also jut plain nice to ride a clean bike. We always supply clean bikes.

However we reserve the right to charge a €2 cleaning fee per bike (for road bikes; MTBs will remain exempt as getting dirty is and integral part of mountainbiking). The best & cheapest method to clean a bike is using mild soapy water applied to a cotton cloth, sponge or else a soft paper towel. If you deem yourself above cleaning your own sweat (i.e. you’re at a conference, meeting, don’t want to get dirty, can’t be bothered, etc) that’s fine, but you must pay us for the privilege.

Tenerife is a fairly large island, so we don’t offer an “emergency pickup” service. Should something go wrong with one of our rental bikes, it is up to YOU to find your own way back to your hotel. Just like your local bike shop or bicycle manufacturer, no we don’t reimburse you for this journey! However, we recognise that mechanical failure is an inconvenience, not some kind of opportunity for profit that some businesses seem to think it is. If you believe a bike is unfit to ride for obvious safety reasons, the best course of action is to stop riding the bike and inform us as soon as possible (preferably by telephone not email).

We do our best to fix things promptly, either the same day or else overnight if that is not possible. Note that practically all bikeshops in Tenerife are closed Sundays and only open half day Saturday. These are our official hours: 9:00am – 1:00pm; 3:00pm – 8:00pm, GMT. (Monday – Saturday). Sms text messages are welcome between 8:00am and 10:00pm, 7 days a week.

We believe that bikes should run silently. However, some noises are extremely difficult to isolate or duplicate and then rectify quickly (eg: noises caused by cranksets, bottom brackets headsets and disc brakes). If the bike is rideable and you can live with it, the best option is to let us know before the end of the rental period so we can address the issue for the next customer.

Faulty rental bikes will be either repaired or replaced at our discretion. 90% of the time we have spare bikes in all sizes ready to go but during peak periods it’s impossible to have a backup bike available for every rider.

Bikes should be stored either in the room of your hotel/apartment or in a secure luggage room using the lock provided- under no circumstances are the bikes to be left un-locked outside when unattended!! A lock never offers 100% theft protection. The best deterrrent is to stay close to the bike at all times when you go out. We request that you do not leave bikes in cars overnight. Never leave a bicycle (locked or unlocked) in a public place, especially if it is visible from the street & definitely never at night time. That means bikes are not to be left on exposed balconies, for example. These simple measures drastically reduce the risk of opportunistic theft.

We ask for a security deposit to increase awareness & prevent theft, it’s not intended to rip you off. However, should a bicycle be lost or stolen, you will be liable for the current value of the bike written in the Tenerife-Training rental contract (not the replacement value, which is much more). Your security deposit will not be refunded and you will need to pay the difference. Therefore it’s up to YOU to ensure the bike doesn’t get stolen!

All bookings are subject to availability. We will only use your personal details in connection with your Booking arrangements. Some people ask the impossible of us, hence the following statement: if a rental bike is unavailable due to unforeseen damage or theft, we will not be held liable for all or part of your holiday expenses; the most we can offer is a full or partial refund of the original deposit! We go out of our way to offer polite & friendly service; however we also reserve the right to refuse service to any individual who shows rude, obnoxious or agressive behaviour.

Refunds are possible if a bike does not meet your expectations, minus any delivery charges. However, we do not offer refunds if it is a case of you simply “change your mind” at the last minute. Nor do we offer refunds for unused days during the rental period, for example due to bad weather.

Bicycle riders are inherently vulnerable road users; riding in a foreign country in extreme terrain is a risky activity. We do advise you to take out a comprehensive medical travel insurance policy that are available from any travel agent in your home country. Spain does has a reciprocal health agreement with most EU countries, including the UK. However, if you are found to be the cause of an accident, remember that you could potentially be liable for all resulting accident damage. At the time of writing, third party insurance for cyclists is not compulsory (not even for Spanish citizens), so just remember to take it easy! If you’re still reading this, know that most accidents we do see are the due to the rider’s own fault and no other vehicles are involved. It is often people misjudging corner speed and freaking out with the front and/or rear brake.

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  1. Hello, we arrive to Teneriffa the 17th of Januar at 14.20. We will rent two bikes for a week. How much will it cost if you come with the bikes to the airport so we could bicycling to the hotel in Los Gigantes and you pick up the bicycles at the airport the 24th of Januar (the plan will take off at 15.20). Please send us also a price list for renting bikes.

    Kind regards
    Annika and Sven

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