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Bike hotels:

Do hotels generally mind you keeping your bike in your room overnight?

I wouldn’t store my bike in any hotel garage. Too dark & deserted for my liking.

I usually recommend my clients to store their bikes in the hotel’s luggage room. It’s is much more appropriate & safer place. They’ll usually be fine with you locking it up to something in there, and the room is often under lock and key anyway.

If it’s not, then depending on the hotel, the guest can argue that it isn’t secure enough & you may be able to store it in your room. Of course, it all depends on the concierge and whether he or she is an eagle-eye. Some of them are a bit like Nazis. If you have to ask for the key at reception and/or go with them, then it’s generally ok.

If it’s a good 5 star hotel, they’ll do their best to please you either way…

What I have noticed is that the very best 5 star luxury hotels do not like the idea of sweaty riders & bikes clunking about in their main hotel foyeur entrance. Maybe this is different in Mallorca, but here in Tenerife, one or two of them won’t even let me wheel a perfectly clean rental bike through the main entrance to deliver it. So if you can, it’s always better to enter from the side. And if in doubt, ask reception staff about their bike policy.

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