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Bike routes around Los Silos, Tenerife?

We will be in Tenerife later in the year and are interested in biking on the island. Do you have any single or multiple day tours?

We are staying in Los Silos, and might bring our own bikes (Calfees with couplers) if there are good routes, or we might rent road bikes.

Please advise.
Thank you.


Great to see you’re interesting in a cycling in Tenerife! :-)

Sorry for the late response, this last week has been the busiest of the year and your email kinda slipped through the net until now. Yes, there are some good rides around Los Silos. Several rides come to mind:

1) The ride to Punta de Teno (but you’ll need a torch as there is a very dark tunnel along that road)
2) Ride to Garachico and the climb up to El Tanque.
3) Ride to Masca / Teno Alto.

If you’re feeling particularly strong, you might try to tackle the Tierra del Trigo climb which I label “Die another Day” on the website, right on your back doorstep (starts from Los Silos).

The answer is that we mostly do road bike hire these days, not guided road rides, mainly because that’s what people request. That will hopefully change in future, but for now, that’s what we tend to offer most people. We’re also doing MTB hire & occasionally guided offroad rides too.

I’m perfectly happy to go with you for a few rides and show you about… but for the time being we don’t offer pickup and drop off service for guided rides (you’ll probably ask the inevitable “why?” question. Answer: Initially my Australian licence was a problem. Then, soon after that I spent €1200 on getting my official Spanish driving license, the Canary Islands transport law became effective in 2007 and the required permits are too cost prohibitive).

I’m sure during your dates we have vacancies for our road rental bikes but it’s best to tell me your sizes and I can explain exactly what we have available that would suit your requirements. Get in quick though!

Hope that’s answered your questions; anything else, just ask.
Thanks very much,

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