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Bike service will be closed this July (26/06/2010 to 14/08/2010)

With well over 2 months notice, I’d like to annouce that we’ll be closed from 26/06/2010 to 14/08/2010. This means bike hire and guided rides won’t be possible during that time. Of course the website will continue to function and I’ll administer it while I’m away. Throughout July and August we’ll also still be able to answer emails and take advanced bike reservations for the remainder of the 2010 Summer & Autumn seasons. All current bookings for this period will be respected (currently there’s only one so Chiqui will take care of that).

The pro bike hire service will resume as normal after that date. We are of course happy to take bookings now for August, September, October, November 2010.

On a positive note, despite the global financial crisis we had quite a successful Winter season renting road and mountain bikes this year. As always, I look forward to resuming again in mid-August and we’re expecting strong growth into 2011. I think everyone deserves a break after working hard; so I feel that I deserve a good holiday! I’m really excited about going back to Australia for a month to see all my family there!

Happy cycling!

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