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Bike Shops in Tenerife?

Do you know of any good cycling shops out there, I couldn’t find any last time I was there, I really like exteondo clothing I think it’s spanish but its really hard to find over here, so was hoping to pick some up in tenerife.

Yes there are several decent bike shops on the island. The most noteworthy are:

– Gofis bici in La Longuera / El Toscal (road & MTBs). This is the one I go to most often!
– Bicistar in Puerto de la Cruz (road & MTBs)
– Bicicletas Gil in La Laguna (road & MTBs)
– Vadabici in La Laguna (mainly mountainbikes)
– Bicisport in Los Cristianos (mainly road bikes)
– Bike Point in El Medano (focus is on MTBs)

Have a look here for the exact street addresses & contact details.

2 Responses to “Bike Shops in Tenerife?”

  1. Greetings from Kansas. I’ve just learned via Blog Catalog that you have added my blog to your Favorites list, and so I thought I would drop by and say hello–and Thank You. I’m really quite surprised and flattered.

    The blogosphere is indeed an extraordinary place. I’ve of course heard of Tenerife, but it had simply never occurred to me to consider the possibility of there being cycling blogs there, much less that the writer of one would find a Kansas cycling blog interesting.

    Anyway, thank you again for the vote of confidence. I’ll reciprocate by posting a link to you at my humble blog.

  2. Gofis bici is just below my balcony , where I live. I could almost spit on it. As so often in life, I am still not sure, how to spell the name of the shop. Meantime, I must have seen it so often.
    The owner seems to be a friendly Spanish man. The selection, he has in his shop, is also quite impressive for a tienda in a small Spanish suburb. However, this proves again, what I say all the time: There is nothing missing in La Longuera Toscal Los Realejos Bajo. It’s an amazing location.

    Gabriele (or Gabriela)

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