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Book Review: “In Search of Nature” by Edward O. Wilson.

Book Review: “In Search of Nature” by Edward O. Wilson.

The author has a very easy to read style. It is very succinct and eloquent. If you love nature, you will love this book. The chapter “In the company of ants” is probably one of the best chapters [of any book] that I have ever read. I found the hierarchal structure of the leaf-cutter ants very intriguing. What marvellous little creatures! I’ll never look at an ant the same way again. Here’s a little snippet for you:

“Watch where you step. Be careful of little lives. Feed them crumbs of coffeecake. They also like bits of tuna and whipped cream. Get a magnifying glass. Watch them closely. And you will be as close as any person may ever come to seeing social life as it might evolve on another planet.”

I also loved three other chapters entitled, “Humanity seen from a distance”, “The little things that run the world” and the final chapter, “Is humanity suicidal?”. Other interesting chapters are about snakes, or rather serpents, sharks, altruism & aggression, etc. The essence of the book is really as the title suggests, “in search of nature”.

Towards the end, a sincere and legitimate message is delivered by the author. It is a very moving assertion and everyone, yes everyone, should read it. Edwin O. Wilson is proof that Carl Sagan wasn’t the only good author.

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