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Can I hire a road and a MTB? When are you open?


I found your website and would like more information about the bikes you have and their availability.

I will be arriving to Puerto de la Cruz at the evening and I will be staying with my wife in the Teneguia hotel (Av. Melchor luz 2). I would like to use both mountain bike and a road bike during my stay there…

I’d like to know:

* Is this possible? when are you open during that time?
* What kind of bikes do you have (road & MTB)?

We have both road and MTBs available during that time. You can check their availability here. The specifications change from time to time – further info about the bikes can be seen < href="">here.

We still don’t have a dedicated shopfront yet. Hence, most bikes are delivered directly to our clients’ hotels and apartments. Pickup can be arranged with us by making an appointment via email or telephone. Phonecalls are best made between the following hours 9:00 – 13:00 | 15:00 – 21:00. Note that sometimes we are closed around the May / June off season.

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