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Can you please include more rides in the South?

I have just returned from a sunshine holiday in the south of the island and as a keen cyclist saw the potential for cycling especially in autumn winter and spring.

I would be grateful for any information you can supply me with this in mind.

I look forward to hearing from you

Glad to see you’re interested in a cycling vacation in Tenerife. Feel free to peruse the main website for further information about cycling in Tenerife including ride descriptions. You’ll probably notice there is a heavy bias on rides in the North of Tenerife. There’s two or 3 reasons for that:

1) North = more scenic (ALL the photos & videos were taken in what’s considered the North of Tenerife)
2) Road quality is generally better in the North than in the South.
3) We are based in the North so I don’t have much time to go riding in the South.

I’d love to explore the South further, but I just haven’t had time. Creating an online business is super time-consuming. In an attempt to get over this obvious bias, I’ve recently initiated a cycling in Tenerife forum. It’s a place where you can post questions, photos, ride descriptions, ask questions, contact other riders, etc. For now, it’s not very active, but still, if you like, I can register you + set the board language to English? Otherwise you’d need to know spanish in order to register…

Also remember to use the search function. I have previously written one article on rides departing from Los Cristianos…

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