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Can you recommend a swimming pool & gym for triathlon training?

Gym membership in La OrotavaThere is now an excellent sports training centre in La Orotava called Complejo Deportivo el Mayorazgo (Mayorazgo Sports Complex). Main facilities include 25m indoor pool and gymnasium. The gym has both free weights and cardiovascular equipment (exercise bikes & treadmills). Pool measures 25 metres by 21 m wide with six lanes. Numerous blood pumping activities are scheduled each week: cardio, gap, spinning, aerobics, step, ‘total training’ as well as other more relaxing classes: pilates, yoga, taichi, dancing (several types including tango, salsa and other latin ryhthms), stretching and relaxation.

Physiotherapy-Centre-TenerifeCD Mayorazgo also offers a massage service, physiotherapy and aquatic physio. They also have a great physiotherapy centre called Fisio-Natura.

This all new sports complex wouldn’t be complete without a well-stocked cafeteria with an assortment of sports drinks, energy bars, gels and protein powders available. Basic swimming equipment is also for sale at the front desk (googles, swimwear, swimcaps, etc) and there is also a dedicated fitness shop located inside. Needless to say, free changerooms, lockers and ample parking are all an important part of the complex.

Staff are very friendly and the doors are open to all visitors, tourists included. Their phone number is 902 102 395 and email: Most staff at least speak a basic level of English.

Rates are very reasonable (€6.42 per day, €47/month) and the standard is very high. In fact you can join for one whole month for less than the cost of going to the T3 “tenerife top training” centre for a single day! Click here for the rates (just remember to add %7 IGIC tax to those prices).

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