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Canarian Expressions I’ve picked up:


  1. “Panza de burro” translates as “the donkey’s belley” but what it really refers to is the band of stratus cloud that permanently hangs over the la Orotava valley in the North of Tenerife.
  2. “El quinto pino”… similar to the place Timbukto, in Mali, Africa, a very distant land. Signifies that the place is far from anywhere.
  3. “llorar al barranco” … similar to cry over spilt milk. Like today I lost my keys and my aunt then said: “pues que vas a hacer, ¿vete y llorar al barranco?”.
  4. “No es un moco de pavo”. It’s easier said than done.
  5. “Echo polvo”. I’m burned out. I’m so tired, I’m emitting dust.
  6. “Me importa un caraco” = I don’t give a shit.
  7. “Tetas al aire.” Even 4 year olds know this one means “to go topless”.
  8. “¡Chiquita fiesta!” I’m still yet to figure the exact meaning of this…
  9. “¡Ño!”, but pronounced more like “ñoj”. Similar to “wow”, an expression of surprise. Although after hiperdino started using this word in their cheap TVs ad campaigns, you don’t tend to hear it in conversation as much.
  10. “¡Agüita!” Another expression of surprise.

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