Bike stuff for sale!

I have a few bike bits for sale here:

Road bike frame sale

frame-sale2We have some alloy road bike frames for sale at some pretty good prices.

These include carbon fork & headset. Complete bikes to follow shortly.

Our very own Outlet.

ebayGenerally in the Summer time we have bike bits and other components for sale. Sometimes they have been used, but we often sell brand new things at amazing prices on ebay – when we have too much stock of a particular item or if something was sent to us erroneously for example. Items that we know will be popular usually start with a listing price of only 1¢.

Complete bikes, frames, and wheelsets which are too bulky to post internationally from the Canary Islands are posted on our forum classifieds. The forum is a great place for locals to buy and sell bike parts in Tenerife free of charge (and it’s also a great place to chat about cycling Tenerife of course!).

Klein frameset for sale!

Klein alloy framsetNormally I don’t post items for sale on here. But this is a pretty special frame which is currently for sale on ebay. It’s from a classic era, now considered retro I suppose and is in fantastic condition. No scratches or dents to speak of. Inlcludes an alphaQ fork and token headset. Current bid is only US$81 and I was hoping to get a bit more than that. Granted, the auction hasn’t ended yet -it ends in two days- but I thought I’d give it a bit of a push anyway.

We’re giving away free stuff on our cycling forum!

In order to encourage further activity on our local cycling forum, we are giving away several free gifts for the following categories:

• most number of posts per month wins a free multitool
• funniest post of the month wins a pair of advanced polymeric PEEK water bottle bolts from our sister company, Vertebrae Components.
• most useful post of the month has a choice of Isostar isotonic sports drink, twin bottle cages from Btwin or one very detailed map of Tenerife (Kompass Teneriffa 233)

Kompass 233 map of Tenerife | Teneriffa Karte MTB

MTB and hiking map of Tenerife | Kompass 233 Karte mit Lexikon und Stadtplänen. Wander Bike Freizeit und Straßenkarte.This is by far the most detailed tourist map of Tenerife at a scale of 1:50,000. The Kompass 233 map contains all the major mountainbike trails and walking tracks. Altitude contours are shown at 100m intervals so it’s ideal for both hiking and mountain biking. You can’t get any more detailed without getting one of the expensive official Spanish military maps.

There’s a multi-lingual legend showing imporant points such as: alpine shelters / refuge huts, hospitals, parking, information, lookouts, museums, monuments, climbing walls and even surf spots! Suggested MTB routes are outlined with blue dots.

This map includes the following inset city maps: Puerto de la Cruz, La Orotava, Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Américas, San Cristóbal de La Laguna and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. There’s also a Tenerife guide, but alas only in German (even so, it’s worth every cent).

As with all large-scale maps, there’s only one right way to fold it and many wrong ways… so if you’re looking for something easier to manage, one of the only other road maps of Tenerife I can recommend which is also suitable for road cycling is the Freytag & Berndt 1:150,000 Teneriffa map. It’s smaller, plastic coated and much easier to fold than this blanket.

Freytag & Berndt map of Tenerife. Teneriffa Karte

Freytag & Berndt Tenerife Teneriffa 1:150000 scale map. ISBN 978-3-7079-1079-7This is the best road map of Tenerife for cyclists; it contains all the major and secondary roads and even some offroad tracks.

Roads are laballed with the standard “TF” designations and include kilometre markings between major towns. This definitely isn’t a topographic map but there are several altitude points referenced. There’s also an inset map of the capital city, Santa Cruz. The best thing is that it’s pocket sized and plastic-coated so it won’t disintegrate in that sweaty back pocket of your cycling jersey!

There’s also another 1:75,000 version of the Freytag & Berndt Tenerife map; it has a cardboard cover but it is too big to fit in your pocket & doesn’t contain any more detail than this one (apart from the altitude contour lines). Unlike its big plain-backed brother, this mini-map contains some extremely brief tourist information on the reverse side (in ten languages!).

If you’re looking for the best MTB map of Tenerife with all the offroad tracks, I strongly recommend the Kompass #233 map instead. It’s probably too large for road cyclists though and very difficult to fold up again correctly.

Vertebrae ceramic housing review.

Vertebrae ceramic gear housing review. Vertebrae ceramic brake lines review.Imagine cable-operated dual-pivot calipers or v-brakes with the modulation & power of hydraulic discs. Imagine the most reliable gear housing on the planet outlasting everything else attached to your bike, including the frame. Have I got your attention? Good. Then read on… [Read more →]

World’s most expensive set of coathangers!

Zipp 100% recycled carbon fibre coathangar. Composite coat-hanger.This set of 8 coat hangers is 100% recycled from a high-end set of road racing wheels (the wheelset itself retailed for about a thousand dollars almost ten years ago; the price has since doubled). The rims are 100% carbon fibre contruction and were at the time one of the lightest wheels available (only 1059 grams for the pair of wheels!).

Recycled carbon fibre composite clothes hangersI spent the better part of this evening making these by hand after taking the first half of the morning to decide whether to do it or not. All the sharp edges have been sanded down so there is no risk of carbon fibre splinters. I believe the spokes are the original stainless steel Sapim CX Rays & the aluminium nipples also came with the zipp wheels. The two carbon rims were still structurally intact when I attacked them both with the hacksaw… so why did I butcher these instead of selling them as a built up & complete racing wheelset?

Well, primarily because the carbon brake tracks were damaged after a brief 20% descent here in Tenerife. I could have re-drilled the rims and used them for “disc brakes only” but this would require two new hubs, new spokes, a new rebuild, a suitable frame and fork and I didn’t think there would be much demand for a tubular disc-only rim.

25% of the final sale price will support World Wildlife Fund for Nature.You can buy them through ebay here. 25% of the final sale price will support World Wildlife Fund for Nature. [Read more →]

Cycling T-shirts available now

funny-t-shirt-cartoon.jpgLast week I ordered a new batch of official T-shirts! Short sleeve T-shirts are available in small, medium and large & cost only €12.50 each. Long sleeve T-shirts are available in medium and large sizes for only €15. They’ll most likely be available before the end of April, 2008.The new official T-shirts!

Anyone for Merchandise?

Marketing wisdom. Promotional merchandise.Here’s the section where we will present you with the latest merchandise. Many products will be available later in the year; all products will be offered at amazing prices & all with the tenerife-training logo: water bottles, carbon bidon cages, ingenious multi-tools, cycling apparal. We’ll possibly add further items for free, such as: key rings, calendars & screen-savers, etc. We already have the free stickers & T-Shirts… If you have any ideas, feel free to leave a comment here.

Doc Brown manufactures the first advanced ceramic bicycle component! NOT ANOTHER BEARING!!!

After nearly a year in development, at last it’s here:

Vertebrae Alumina Ceramic Housing Vertebrae Ceramic Gear Lines


Available for MTBs & road bikes
(Shimano / SRAM or Campagnolo).

Housing colours available:


(please specify when ordering)

Vertebrae Ceramic Gear Lines   Vertebrae Ceramic Gear Lines

True “Compressionless” housing: High Purity Alumina is FIVE TO SIX TIMES STIFFER than aluminium alloys, and even 50 to 80 % stiffer than steel. OK, so theoretically it compresses a bit. But you won’t notice it. Honest. It is also FIVE TO SIX TIMES STRONGER in compression than both aluminium & steel.

Effortless Gear Changes:Less force required to actuate gears + brakes, creating a “light-action” feel at the levers.

Less Maintenance: Due to the compressionless housing and protective Spinal Wrap, derailleurs are not only easier to fine tune during setup (they’ll work over a wider range of cable tension), but that they also don’t need to be re-adjusted as often as other systems.

Totally corrosion free!! High Purity Alumina is an extremely inert material. No coatings to peel off, no chipping and spalling paint. Zero corrosion for life!

Lightweight: The density of alumina is only 3.65 to 3.85 g/cm3. This results in outstanding stiffness-to-weight and strength-weight ratios. Total weight of vértebræ ceramic housing is only 46 to 52 g/m.

Enhanced Flexibility: The special segmented design is more flexible compared to traditional bowden cables; this design allows shorter cable routing using tighter-radius bends, resulting in less overall weight. Despite this, there is also reduced friction between the cable and liner, since the outer segments do not squash the inner cables like conventional housing.

Low Friction: Ceramic materials have an inherently lower frction than metals. Combined with our stainless steel cables and teflon liner, this results in considerably less friction and practically zero wear.

Extremely hard & durable: In fact, most engineering ceramics are so hard, they normally require different testing procedures to metals as it is not practical to make the same economical test specimens! In comparison with all metals, hardness is best described as “off the chart!”.