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Cog – Are You Interested?

My favourite band the past year or so is without a doubt Cog, an Australian alternative rock band originating from Bondi, Australia. As soon as I heard the track “sharing space”, I was instantly hooked on their entire album. It varies, but my favourite song this past month has been the fast-paced “Town of Lincoln”. Other awesome tracks are “Bird of Feather”, “No Other Way” (especially the first and last thirds of the song), the slower track entitled “Bitter Pills” and “Problem Reaction Solution” (which is one of those progressive long tracks at 9:16, but it grows on you. I especially like the part from 6:10 – 7:00).

Probably one of their better videos however is this one, entitled “Are You Interested?”

By the way, all these tracks are from the same album, sharing space. Worth paying for (and I did).

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