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Computer slavery; are we victims of our own high-technology?

routine bicycle maintenance inflation pump

Only a small percentage of my time is actually maintaining, cleaning & delivering bikes. The most common chores are inflating tyres, swapping pedals, adjusting rear derailleurs, cleaning chains, truing spokes, and preparing people’s toolkits before a ride.

You wouldn’t think this, but the overwhelming majority of my time is spent networking. Devising & publicising online marketing campaign strategies (especially during this low season). I also do all of the administration & financial work at the computer. Answering emails and keeping the books up to date. Its a full time job to maintain such a web presence. I’m wondering when I’ll be able to go for a bike ride… 😐

2 Responses to “Computer slavery; are we victims of our own high-technology?”

  1. From one computer slave to another: I know exactly how you feel! I did a post about your services – including your great video – on my blog a while back, but if I can be of any further help, please give me a shout. For instance, I’m always on the lookout for guest posts for my blog that cover things I don’t and, those would give you links and hopefully increase your presence.

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