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Continental Ultra Sport Tyres – review

Continental Ultra Sport Tyres -Review.One of the consumable parts which I go through more than most are road bicycle tyres. There are 12 road bikes in my fleet and I own two more myself. That’s a lot of tyres being constantly used, so I have a pretty good idea of how to choose a tyre for maximum duration & performance…

I discovered the Continental Ultra Sport model earlier this year. In a word, they’re excellent. When you take their weight into consideration, they provide unbeatable value (performance-per-dollar). The price of these tyres belies their appearance. Or is that the other way ’round? Let me just say that they look like they’re worth twice the asking price. I can’t justify putting true racing tyres on bikes which are used for training only. Even so, I’m sure most people don’t even notice the difference. I’ve not noticed less grip or higher rolling resistance compared with more expensive tyres, but this sort of thing is not easy to judge.

They posess a good tread design and are very resistant to cuts. I’ve not had to throw one of these tyres out prematurely. I can’t say the same thing about similarly priced tyres from Maxxis (Fuse) and Michelin (Pro Race). They’re made with a folding kevlar bead & are available in 23c, 25c and 28c widths. Try them, you just might just be suprised!

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  1. Hey there!

    Yes i really LOVE THAT tires a friend of mine told me that his tyre last about 10000 km, so i have to givit a try! i have worn out a pair but they last very very much! they are the most durable tyre i used. And dont notice diference to other tyres in performance.

    Conti ultra sport way to gooo and ou can chosse the color 😉

  2. I’ve used these tyres for around 1000Km and had a flat every 50Km… always checked if there wasnt any piece of glass left so that won’t be the problem.

    After 1000Km my rear tyre was fully worn out so I’m not buying them again!!

    These tyres are rubbish!

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