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Cycle Training in Spain. 10 Reasons for cycling in Tenerife instead of Mallorca:

The Flag of Mallorca. Bandera de Majorca

  1. The mountains are higher in Tenerife than Mallorca (the roads here go up to 2300m, Mt Teide is 3700m)
  2. Tenerife is much warmer in the winter months than Mallorca (January, February, March) so you can start your on-bike training earlier in the season.
  3. Tenerife has no flat roads, forcing you to train harder.
  4. Tenerife is where all the professional pro-tour cyclists do their pro cycle-training camps. :-)
  5. You’re sick of all the beginner cyclists /café-poser cyclist culture in Mallorca
  6. You’re a loner, and you’re sick at the sight of all the other cyclists in Majorca! 😛
  7. You prefer to end a day’s ride on a black volcanic sand beach than an off-white coloured one.
  8. You’ve already cycled through all the roads in Mallorca and cycle lanes in the surrounding Balearic Islands.
  9. You don’t know how to pronounce “Mallorca”
  10. There are no decent offroad down-hill runs in Mallorca!

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