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Decathlon Clever 9000 track pump review.

Decathlon Clever 9000 track pump review.For the last two years I’ve been using a clever 9000 pump made by Decathlon. I use it more than once every day (I routinely inflate road bike tires to 7 or 8 bars). In all that time, I haven’t changed the seals once and it keeps on working flawlessly. The only maintenance needed is a little lubrication on the pump shaft.

One of the best features of this pump is that it uses a glass-fibre reinforced plastic pump hose. Result? More air goes into the tyre with each stroke compared to a normal floor pump. This is most evident at high pressures around 100psi or more. Think of it this way: a bicycle inner tube is restrained by the tyre (with its densely woven carcass); however, a simple rubber hose is free to expand with additional pressure increase.

Okay, so what exactly is so “clever” about it? It auto-adjusts to schraeder or presta. The pressure gauge is located at the top of the pump, for easier reading (great for tall people). There is a compartment “for storing patches, glue and adaptors”. It’s also got a rubberised handle & base plate so it won’t mark your floor. Maximium pressure is 11 bar (160psi). The cost is only £35 / €45 which is quite reasonable.

Previously I was using an older model Silca (circa 2000) as it was one of the highest pressure pumps available (240psi). That was when I was using tubular tyres & I thought more pressure was always a good thing. With all those threaded presta valves, the pump head didn’t last and I couldn’t find a replacement rubber washer here in Spain. I had to buy the complete replacement pump head and it’s still waiting to be installed, but with the Clever 9000 I haven’t needed to.

Many bike shops use air compressors but one bike shop owner/mechanic I talked to over here said that he can’t get more than 80psi out of his… not good enough for me.

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