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December weather in Tenerife? Will it be too cold for cycling?

All sounds good! thanks for the advice, price is reasonable and the 12th is fine for delivery since i’ll need the 11th to settle in!

I can hardly belive im gonna do something that was just an idea in my head 2 days ago, training in the dark and rain was driving me to dispair! Im going out 2marrow for the club run at its going to be 7-8°C, its gonna rain and theirs a 14mph wind, but compared to the turbo trainer its tolerable.

Cya in a few days.


Well that sounds pretty miserable weather you’ve been having…

So you know, Tenerife experiences even better weather than Mallorca, so the Canary Islands are truly a year-round cycling destination.

Still I can’t guarantee that it won’t rain here though… we almost never have a solid week of rain [apart from the 2009 Winter season that is]. Whenever it does rain, it usually just sprinkles. Usually one or two days every winter we have a massive wind storm that puts snow on Mount Teide.

Since you’re new to the sport, be aware that although it’s Tenerife, it is Winter, and so it is already quite chilly up there above 1000m. *Definitely* bring a windproof jacket, arm + leg warmers and preferably long windproof gloves, if only used for the descents. Lengthy ascents will require single layer clothing, short or long sleeve depending on your tolerance to cold weather. Look here for coastal weather forecasts; looks like local temps of 17-23°C!! It’s never too cold to cycling here!

Like I always say though, at an altitude of ~2000m, frost appears in the morning. Add 30mph wind chill factor onto that plus the fact that you’re not pedalling as much going down hill for an hour and you have a recipe for disaster if you only bring a short sleeve jersey and nothing else.

Last January/February [2008], during the coldest period in Tenerife, we had another guy from Northern Ireland (from Dromara cycling club, pictured on the testimonials webpage) who froze when we ascended past 1500-2000m altitude… he even had a lycra head warmer, vest & toe covers… so it can still get cold.

Thanks very much & look forward to seeing you then.


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