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Do you know if there any organised training camps on the island?

Having found your web page very useful a trip to Tenerife is certainly being considered for a week of road cycling. Do you know if there any organised training camps on the island, or is it just a case of organise it all yourself?

Many thanks


There aren’t any dedicated training camps organised on the island that I know of. This isn’t for the lack of trying, because I’ve been googling words like “cycling tenerife” etc for over 3 years. I have only ever seen a few cycle training camps in the Canary Islands, over in Lanzarote. These are usually organised in the UK & Germany; for that reason, I can’t see how they would be able to offer the best possible experience if they aren’t actually based there.

Tenerife Training camps and guided road rides were my original business plan. Since then, people have requested bike hire only so I’m happy to specialise in that now. When I’m a little more well known and have a bit more capital, I’d eventually like to get back to my original goal (probably after the economic crisis) and offer all-inclusive packages, including the neighbouring island La Gomera. For now, I think it’s easier and cheaper for people to organise their own cycling holidays in Tenerife. That way, you have more flexibility about where you want to stay, where you go & your travel dates. I provide a lot of free information & offer quality road and mountain bike hire.

Hope that helps.



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