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Do you organise group rides?


I’m interested in a cycling holiday in Tenerife in early January, and will probably be using your rental service.

At this point, may I ask whether you organise group rides? I prefer riding with others, but doubt I can persuade any friends to come with me.

(by the way, I think your site is great. Very professional, well written, well laid out, etc. Well done.)


Hello Sam,

For now it isn’t feasible for us (me) to offer guided group rides. We did offer them in the past but they weren’t that successful due to the following factors:

* Even small groups would split up bigtime wherever any climbing was concerned.
* Lack of fitness of participants.
* Lack of fitness of the guide! Take this to mean it was simply too difficult to maintain a full-time growing business andan almost pro like level of fitness for the faster clientele (regardless of whether there were potential clients or not).
* Full time training was a major physical exertion compared to the earnings (sometimes only 20-30€ per day).
* Whenever I was out riding, the time available to do the required admin, bike maintenance, emails, marketing, etc was reduced.
* Then finally there’s the old liability thing which rears its ugly head, being the group leader you are essentially responsible for the safety of the group.
* All this info lead my tax advisor to advise me not to do the rides anymore.

The best thing is to book early and you will obviously get the best selection of bikes. We can always help you with the best routes to follow, etc.

Look forward to hearing from you!

-Leslie | Pro bike hire | Precision braking & shifting

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  1. One of the best way to meet other riders for group rides is to join our forum and post up a message.

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