Life from an outsider's perspective…

Fighting to Survive, beyond the 21st century.


Empires fall because of long-lasting wars, rebellions, disease plagues, chemical poisoning, etcetera. Civilisations rise and fall like ocean tides. What makes our civilisation any different? I believe, nothing. I often wonder: what will be our undoing?

Look around at our cities. Look at the concrete. Look at the stress & misdirected violence. The current mental health crisis. We’ve based our entire economy on the assumption that our planet’s resources are unlimited, and so when the fossil fuels run out, watch that stockmarket spiral downwards. There are countless environmental problems (which I don’t even need to remind you about). Basically, things seem to be getting uglier all the time. It’s very hard to retain hope & remain optimistic as society and the environment decays all around us. Blind optimism in the face of a crisis period is certainly not the answer either. And now vast numbers of people are even turning to artificial “virtual-reality” worlds, which I find rather sad.

Believe it or not, but under the surface, every one of us is struggling to cope. Firstly, because there are more things happening in the world than ever before. Access to world-wide information is increasing exponentially. We have more choices to make & we’re majorly stressed as a result. It seems many people are not aware that General Anxiety Disorders are now linked with the leading causes of death. In short, stress kills. Couple these factors with global climate change, species extinction, etc, and we appear to be losing hope fast. Perhaps this is why chronic depression is now reffered to as “The disease of the 21st century”.

Why are we here? Evolution has instilled in us not only the ability to survive & reproduce, but now, seemingly without control, to conquer almost everything in sight. Our own evolution has been so successful, that we’re now the dominant species of Earth. We’re almost too advanced, you could say. But as everyone knows, there’s only one new direction for a total 100% monopoly to look forward to, and that’s downwards. As our cities spread like a virus, where do we go when there are no new lands to move to?! Am I the only one who thinks that a mass exodus to another plant is an absolutely preposterous idea?

There is a need to co-exist, to harmonise with this planet. Our survival depends on it. We are geneticically pre-programming to reproduce at all costs. But if one of the goals of our civilisation is to increase the human life expectancy, there are not just one or two family generations living together all of a sudden, but three or four. In response, the population is skyrocketing…

“What you don’t have you don’t need it now
What you don’t know you can feel it somehow” -U2, beautiful day.

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