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Filming denied in Mt. Teide National Park!


Last Sunday, we weren’t permitted to film within Mt. Teide National Park; “special permission” is required from Santa Cruz - something which we weren’t aware of. A representative from “ministerio de medio ambiente” promptly arrived on the scene as soon as we set up the tripod, and then kindly waited for us to pack up all the video equipment and leave. I think they patrol that whole area with an almighty telescope…


Its not really fair, because the videos are still what we’d consider amateurish, and it is for the benefit of Tenerife. We don’t make a single cent from the videos we produce. To aquire the permit, they ask for a security deposit of €300-3000, which they refund if the park is undamaged after the unedited material is submitted… Since there’s never any guarantees with regards to such deposits, we’ve decided to abandon the shoot in that zone. For future reference, further information concerning video permits in Tenerife can be obtained here.

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