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Going Green.

how cartoons help the environment

Above all else, we strive for a minimal environmental footprint.

  1. While air is free, we don’t use disposable CO2 cartridges.
  2. We never pour oil or grease down the drain
  3. We avoid the use of plastic bags
  4. We don’t print anything unnecessarily
  5. We turn off equipment after use (computers, lights, etc)
  6. We use energy-saving light globes
  7. We recycle kitchen waste into compost
  8. Where possible, we buy locally grown food & other products made in Tenerife.
  9. We think small is beautiful. Contrary to what most people think, we don’t have a big petrol-guzzling van, just a small one.
  10. We reuse inner tubes by first repairing them. There’s a long lost skill in patching butyl innertubes. We continue patching them until the valve no longer functions or until they are deemed unsafe… then we either use 700c sized inner tubes like the two metre rubber hose they really are to tie stuff up with or we make rubber bands out of them!
  11. We recycle tyres into belts. (truth be told, we copied the idea from and we’re stockpiling them until we can find someone who can locally make a similar item). Chains & sprockets, etc will eventually be used to create one-of-a-kind metal sculptures.
  12. We ride bikes!

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