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Group bike rental enquiry in Los Christianos


Thank you for your quick and detailed reply. We would most likely be looking to hire 10 racing bikes for 3 days between the 3rd and 10th of Feb I am not too sure of sizes yet but what sizes do you have avaliable? How much could you do 10 bikes over 3 days for?….and would we be able to keep them over night?…as ideally during a training camp we would like to ride early morning!

On a practical note, how far away are you from Los Cristianos/Las Americas? Is it practical to hire from you if you are far away? Finally…How easy and expensive would it be to deliver the bikes?..because we havent arranged any transport.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello Jonathan,

Yes you can keep them overnight. Assuming 10 bikes, here’s my discounted prices:

• 10 bikes for 3 consecutive days will cost €525 (= €17.50/day per bike).
• 4 consecutive days for €17/day
• 5 consecutive days for €16/day
• 1 week for €14/day per bike
• other rates on request.

It is no problem to deliver anywhere on the island! Directly to your hotel. That’s what we do! Delivery/pickup will cost an extra ~90€ for that many bikes – basically we have to hire a big van for a day, at least ’til we get one of our own (then the standard delivery/pickup fee of €36 applies to Los Cristianos).

We have sizes from 46 – 61cm in road bikes and 14 – 21″ in mountain bikes. It’s best to give me the sizes you need, and I’ll see what I can supply. But just a question: have you thought about staying in the North? Better roads, and better rides than the South!!

Can you provide more details about the training camp? I’m also happy to advise you with the logistics of such a big group of bikes… i.e. it might be better for you to hire some mini vans, and transport the bikes separately to your riders.

Please do get back to me with those sizes – the sooner the better. We do appreciate your business,

Thanks very much, and hope to hear from you again soon!

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