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Have you had many clients or visitors from USA?

Hello Leslie,

Thank you for all of the information. I spent a little more time on your site this weekend, I love all of the maps and descriptions of all the rides. All of the travel information is very helpful too. You mentioned a Canadian client (I think I saw her photo on your site), have you had many clients or visitors from USA. If so, I might want to check with them on tips they may have for planning the trip.

It sounds like you highly recommend Masaru and it does look like it has it all. Their rates are very competitive as well. So unless you have some new discoveries, I will probably go with them.

Glad you like the website + blog.

To answer your questions briefly: I’ve only had 1 American client so far [as of 13/08/2007]… so its not too popular, no. But then Americans aren’t generally known for travelling outside the Canada & Mexico (or indeed, there own US state). Hahaha

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  1. Actually, I don’t recommend Masaru anymore. Casablanca has way nicer staff.

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