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Hiring a road bike in Los Gigantes.

Do you deliver a rental road racing bike to Los Gigantes for a week? I´m planning to travel Tenerife next december with my family but we have not decided where to stay. Puerto de la Cruz is also possible.

I would like to ride every day several hours, so this is an important matter. I checked out your great web-site but if you have any more good tips please let me know?

Yes of course it is possible to hire a road bike with us in December! You won’t find any places in Los Gigantes to rent road bikes.

Los Gigantes & Puerto de la Cruz are both nice resorts. Los Gigantes is about 1 hour and 20 minutes drive from here. Of course, we’re much closer to Puerto de la Cruz, so that’s more convenient for us to deliver a bike. Las Americas is the biggest resort zone on Tenerife – if you’re looking for a quiet place, it’s not the best place to stay. Los Cristianos isn’t quite as bad, but overall I think Puerto de la Cruz offers the best options for tourists.

There was a big fire on the West of Tenerife last year, near Masca; Santiago del Teide was the worst place for the fire I think… that is closer to Los Gigantes but a lot of the vegetation has since regenerated.

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