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Is the South of Tenerife really sunnier? Does it rain more in the North?

I collected some information about the weather conditions on Tenerife. And about that I am a little anxious because i found some information about the differences between the south and the north of Tenerife. South should be a lot more sun and the north a bigger chance to get al lot of rain more cloudy. What can you tell me abouth the conditions in your neighbourhood?

Personally, I think the difference between the North and South of Tenerife is often exaggerated. I refer you to this link.

Yes it is usually one or two degrees cooler in the North where I live (La Orotava, 450m above sea level). I think the difference between Puerto de la Cruz & Las Americas is even less. But I wouldn’t describe the weather as ‘cold’ here in the North. Not by European standards anyway.

The cloud that people refer to is a thin stratus band that hovers over Aguamansa often between 1200-1500m or so. These are not rain clouds, so no I don’t think it rains more here in the North than in the South. Above that layer, it is always sunny with not a cloud in sight, unless there is a tropical storm brewing (in which case the whole island is affected). Sometimes the weather is even reversed and the South has more clouds than the North!

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