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Kukuxumusu micro-exhibition

Kukuxumusu humurous cartoon drawings.Kukuxumusu is one of my favourite Spanish designers, founded by Mikel Urmeneta their zany creative director. The name “kukuxumusu” meaning “flea’s kiss” in the Basque language. His cartoon designs are incredibly bold, colourful and original and are not that well known outside of Spain.

Kukuxumusu prints almost always feature a stylised animal with themes most often about Spanish culture; raising humanitarian & ecological awareness with simple messages; mountain expeditions; humorous cartoons displaying the animal’s own unique perspective; animals interacting with one another; sex and drugs; violence is never represented in the images. There are even a few references to Mt Teide and the Canary Islands.

By far the most prominent character is the iconic blue cow; sheep also appear regularly as well as other easily identifiable animals such as: bulls, primates, monkeys, donkeys, camels, polar bears, penguins, whales, birds, amphibians, lizards, chameleons, mosquitos, grasshoppers and other insects, etc. Love hearts and fried eggs are also common.

I guess they are similar in approach to Mambo graphics in Australia but these are a lot cuter and a little more subtle. You can support them by buying any of their clothes and accessories online at There’s also a shop selling some Kukuxumusu stuff here in La Orotava if you happen to be in the area. Alternatively, you can even contract them to make a custom design for your business or charity organisation!

I hope you enjoy the following slideshow gallery images:

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